Can't play a recorded DVD-R disc

  Sapins 12:19 15 Apr 2005

I have just discovered, as many of you will have, that Windows Media Player will not play DVD's without a DVD Decoder add in. Having found a free trial download from NVidia and installed it I can now play comercial DVD's but not one recorded on my Liteon 5045 recorder from the TV to the hard drive and copied to a DVD-R and finalised, it plays back ok in the recorder, but not on my computer. When I put the DVD in the DVD ROM drive the light flashes for several seconds and then stays lit, the hard drive light then stays lit all the time. It did lock up Media Player once and I has to restart, then it opened ok but would still not play the DVD.

The DVD ROM drive is a Toshiba SD M1402 but when I looked for a driver/firmware download it is not listed on their web site!

I have spoken to tech. support at liteon and they say it could be the DVD ROM drive is not compatible with discs recorded on the recorder, does this mean I might have to buy a new drive and if so how will I know it will be compatible with the recorder? they do not have a list of suitable drives.

  georgemac © 12:47 15 Apr 2005

I would try a different brand of disc - try a dvd -r that you know your dvd drive will play, and see if you can record on it with the liteon dvd recorder.

  Sapins 13:00 15 Apr 2005

Hi georgemac ©, I haven't recorded any DVDs before, I haven't got a DVD recorder drive in the computer, so I don't know which will play OK.

  georgemac © 13:08 15 Apr 2005

Sapins, can you borrow any recorded dvd's from a friend to try in your dvd rom drive?

I have a panasonic dvd recorder and so far any disks I have recorded on it plays on my sony dvd-rw in the PC without any problems.

I am eventually going to replace the dvd-rw with an LG or panasonic dvd-rw which are both compatible with dvd-ram - will save on disks in the long run.

Can you view the files on the dvd using windows explorer? You could copy the files to your hard drive and play them again from there. Is it worth trying to finalise the disk once more in the recorder?

  georgemac © 13:09 15 Apr 2005

what type of dvd-r are you using?

  stalion 13:14 15 Apr 2005

What version of media player do you have?

  Sapins 13:33 15 Apr 2005

I can't view the files, as I said when I put the DVD-R in the drive the light stays on and the hard drive light stays on and the computer locks up! I'll try finalising the disc again later on.

I am using a Datawrite DVD-R

I have version 10 of Windows Media Player.

  Chegs ® 15:01 15 Apr 2005

This is often a symptom of incompatible media,if it was a DVD disc you created on the PC,there are ways/means to alter the bitsettings on the disc to make it more here

I cannot recall if its possible to change a disc created on a DVD Recorder(as I dont possess one,its not something I was looking for via google)but I seem to recollect reading somewhere it is possible(when I was researching reasons for my DVD-RW problems)

  picklsey 15:22 15 Apr 2005


i have the same dvd-h/d recorder as yourself and i am using Datawrite DVD-R/dvdr-w no problem,but it is a pioneer 109 dvdr/w drive on pc +samsung dvd drive both drives will play what i,ve recorded from the liteon.hope this is of some help to you.

  picklsey 15:28 15 Apr 2005

sorry also meant to add that if i try playing them on my daughters pc it won,t play hers is an old dvd rom drive.

  Sapins 16:11 15 Apr 2005

I really am going round in the proverbial circles, I have been on the phone to Toshiba, Liteon, and SVP where I bought the recorder, all giving different advice and possible reasons for the failure of the DVD to play in the computer. One more possibility has just come up when I telephoned a friend, I'm asking the audience here!,50/50 next?, Anyway he says it is important to choose the correct recording format/sped to be able to play disc's in other machines, I am now looking into that.

picklsey, I might yet have to buy a new drive, might as well get a DVD Writer while I'm at it.

I am continuing my search for the solution but it will shortly be time to stop, going out for the evening.

Will post back if anything positive turns up,



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