can't play music from cd drive

  MorningBard 14:22 08 Oct 2004

I have sound on my pc i.e. the windows sound effects but do not seem to be able to listen to music through my cd drive, have checked sound system and nothing appears to be muted. Also if I open up something like an e-card there is no sound either. C.D. drive works well when installing software etc, IDE cable and power cable all connected correctly.

  Noelg23 14:47 08 Oct 2004

have you connected the audio cable from the CD-drive to the sound card or on board sound?

  MorningBard 22:32 08 Oct 2004

I tried that once and ended up reformatting pc

  dan 11 22:41 08 Oct 2004

What operating system?

X\P? start - control panel - system - device manager - dvd / cdroms. Pick the cd drive and properties. Put a tick in enable digital cd audio for this drive.

98. start - settings - control panel - multimedia - audio. Put a tick in the enable digital audio for this drive, or some thing similar. Long time since I looked at the 98 version.

  MorningBard 16:56 16 Oct 2004

have tried that but still no sound .. silly question but would the lack of a cable from cd to motherboard cause no sound ide and power cables are connected I hasten to add

  MorningBard 16:58 16 Oct 2004

yes the audio cable did it thanks and sorry for not posting as being resovled sooner my humble appologies and thanks for help all

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