cant play movies

  silverdragon41 02:56 14 Nov 2009

I can no longer play movies on my laptop. its just skips along like a bad animation and sounds like theres an echo. i recently uninstaled Nero 7 that came with the laptop a few years ago. Do you think thats it?

Its just im going into hospital next week and watchin movies on this would help me stay calm lol.

  silverdragon41 03:02 14 Nov 2009

also, it seems watching short animations and such which are o my laptop work fine. maybe things that are on my laptop work ok, but if they are played on dvd, they wont? can i fix that?

  gazzaho 04:11 14 Nov 2009

Media player can be temperamental and after a while refuse to work properly, you don't mention what program you are using to watch the movies so I'm guessing it is media player.

You could try downloading and using VLC Media Player to see if that plays any better (click here) it's possible that uninstalling Nero 7 has caused corruption of some sort, have you tried re-installing it to see if it makes a difference.

If it is media player you can try reading through this page for possible solutions (click here)

  ened 06:56 14 Nov 2009

Try installing the Klite codec package

click here

  silverdragon41 01:29 15 Nov 2009

@ gazzaho: oh sry. i have been using Windows Media Player, VLC, Media Player Classic and Intervideo WinDVD. it does it on all of them.

@ ened: I already have K-lite codec :(

I do recall, after uninstalling Nero, it said it was doing something to my settings and had to restart my laptop for uninstall to complete. hmm

  silverdragon41 01:32 15 Nov 2009

oh, also, As Nero was free with the laptop, i dont have the program to reinstall. I cant seem to find a free copy from their website :(

  ened 06:49 15 Nov 2009

I know it is inconvenient but, assuming you have all data backed up, you could always restore to factory condition. You would retrieve Nero that way.

  gazzaho 08:07 15 Nov 2009

Your comment about short animations and such which are on your laptop working fine leads me to suspect that the DVD drive is playing up and not the Media Players themselves, try downloading a small .avi file from some site and see if it plays OK, if so then it's probably DVD drive related.

There is a problem with upper and lower filter entries in the registry which can sometimes get corrupt when uninstalling burning software such as Nero. It usually manifests as Windows not recognising the drive, This link (click here) explains and lists a fix which might be worth trying, if you decide to try it out I would back up the registry before starting so you can recover it if the fix doesn't work.

Nero has an uninstall tool did you use that to uninstall it? If not it might have uninstalled improperly or there might be remnants left behind, and which may have caused the problem. Here is the link to the tool (click here) open the more details and download below the Nero 7 CleanTool heading scroll down a bit and click on the download button.

I'm unsure if it will detect remnants of the program if it's already uninstalled or not though it might be worth trying.

I would try the Nero Cleantool first before trying the registry fix.

  silverdragon41 12:27 17 Nov 2009

@gazzaho. you are right. i tested it with a file that was on my external hard drive and that worked fine. So it IS the Hard Drive.

When I uninstalled it, i think i used the Add/Remove program in Control Panel.

Will try the fix first. Im not sure how to back up registry though :s yep, feel like a noob lol

  Daiol 13:20 17 Nov 2009

Hi,Regarding backing up registry,Have a read here.
Good luck.
click here

  silverdragon41 00:25 28 Nov 2009

ok. sry for kate reply. ok, Nero clean tool didnt fix it, so will try the registry fix. I have now backed my files up using the link Daiol gave.

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