Cant Play DVD's or Music on D Drive

  birdface 17:21 04 Jan 2007

Hi, Having a bad day to-day. told off by FE,click here And scolded by Stuarti,click here .Just having a bad day.My problem is that my DVD Drive is not working,So cant play any music or watch Dvd's,keeps saying no disc in drive,Have had a few problems with computer lately,Checked in Device manager, Everything is working ok, Anyone got any ideas,Was following the second click here, But got stuck,

  Gongoozler 17:32 04 Jan 2007

The drive can show as OK in Device Manager, but if the laser is faulty it will not play disks. I suspect that may be the problem.

  birdface 17:33 04 Jan 2007

Sorry first click here did not work,It was about Microsoft Security Codes,Someone wanting to know if he could get them, and being called a thief, Just thought it was a bit severe,There are folk out there with very little or no money,and I dont think that they should get ripped apart the way they did,I understand that what they were looking for was illegal,But could have been said with a bit more Tact,click here

  Stuartli 17:33 04 Jan 2007

I haven't scolded you(!) - see second thread link (your first doesn't work in that it goes to the main Forums page).

I presume you have checked all the leads and cables for firm fitting as well as Uninstalled your drive in Device Manager and then rebooted?

Usually this kick starts a drive by reinstalling the basic Windows CDROM driver after Finding New Hardware.

  birdface 17:42 04 Jan 2007

Hi , Thanks for that, If that is the problem,What would be the remedy,I will say that although computer is almost 4 year old,It has been used very little for this ,I did delete WMP11 about 2 weeks ago,Also Deleted WMP10 2days ago,But get bombarded with updates from microsoft for up-dates for Media Player,Just kept saying could have problems with security if Up=dates were not downloaded,What they have to do with security I dont know ,But got fed up with them poping up all the time, I have now gor WMO11 back again,

  Stuartli 17:47 04 Jan 2007

>>What they have to do with security I dont know >>

They will be essential for a number of Microsoft products including Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.

You can read why, for instance, the December updates were issued and for which MS operating system at:

click here

  Stuartli 17:49 04 Jan 2007

You can't fully uninstall Windows Media Player, only revert to a previous version, as it's part of the operating system.

  birdface 17:51 04 Jan 2007

Hi,had done all that ,And still never worked,Was following skidzy's instructions,But when it got to Upper+lower Filters, They were not on it,All that I could find on therethat may have helped ,was [Default]That was CD_RW 52xMax. And [Class] Which was DVD Rom 16xmax.So did not know if I was supposed to delete them, Then you gave that other chap advice, He Deleted his Upper+lower filters, And I was just asking where to find them,

  birdface 18:00 04 Jan 2007

I Follow you so far with your Updates,But if you dont have WM player on you computer, You still have to download the up-dates,Is this there way of making you use there Media player instead of one of your choice,

  Stuartli 18:00 04 Jan 2007

Actually it was skidzy who provided the full advice with regard to the filters - no credit is attached to me...:-)

To be honest I've never come across the need to remove filters as I've never suffered such problems, even though I've used and installed/uninstalled various versions of Nero for the past six years.

  birdface 18:03 04 Jan 2007

Ok,Sinks in slowley,Wonder if thats what went wrong with mine,I Just deleted anything to do with media player,got so fed up with it,

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