Cant play a burn audio disk

  frenchman96 15:08 30 Dec 2011

The problem is, I would burn a cd for my son, and he cannot play it on his system. His system is/was a very expensive Bang & Oelson and consists of a radio/cassette player/record player/cd player (which takes 6 cd's).

I have just visited a neighbour to try my burnt disks on his system, and they play fine, so then I rang a B & O seller, and he thinks it might be the age of the system which is at least 15 years old.

If this is the case, do you think there is a different format I should burn them to, if its possible.

  john bunyan 15:50 30 Dec 2011
  john bunyan 15:54 30 Dec 2011

PS I assume the disc was indeed burnt in audio format, not .WAV or .MP3 ?Not sure on older B& O systems which files can be read.

  john bunyan 16:01 30 Dec 2011

May be worth a call to these people:

  john bunyan 16:02 30 Dec 2011
  ICF 16:03 30 Dec 2011

Have you tried burning at the slowest speed possible.Also try another brand of disc.

Just a thought you are burning to write once cd's and not rewritable cd's?

  rdave13 16:24 30 Dec 2011

You'll need a burner that has the option to burn to Audio CD, not WAV etc, as previously stated above. CDA

  eedcam 18:45 30 Dec 2011

B&O expensive does not mean its all that good. Anyway all as said except again did you perhaps use an RW assome older machines will baulk at them the fact it plays on a neighbours suggests your recording is ok as to being a CD audio and finalised assuming his only plays CD audio

  frenchman96 08:49 31 Dec 2011

Yes, I did use a cd-r, it was finalised, and by now, I think I can guess that his machine is the culprit.

I am calling there today so I will take a few burnt disks to try.

  ICF 09:26 31 Dec 2011

Did you burn some at the lowest speed possible?

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