can't organize favourites

  cheeki 15:48 21 Apr 2007

i cannot seem to get organize favorites to load in msn explorer,i can add to it and bring up the web pages on it.organize favorites just comes up as "loading..." and hangs there.any ideas thanks!

  Diversion 18:52 21 Apr 2007

I find it easier to sort them out in the actual Favourites Folder, but I have close to 1500 url's in my favourites.

  wee eddie 22:23 21 Apr 2007

I know you want to open "Organise Favourites" but what do you want to do when you get there?

  cheeki 23:43 21 Apr 2007

wee eddie, i just want to delete some stuff,and thanks for the advice Diversion,but whats causing the problem.

  mocha 07:53 22 Apr 2007

If your running xp or vista you could try a restore point before you started having this problem, other option would be to uninstall msn from 'Control Panel' 'Add or Remove programs' and then re-installing. If there is a updated version of your browser download and re-install new version. This may clear the problem.

  mocha 08:01 22 Apr 2007

One other thing before uninstalling, export your favourites to a file on disk so once you re-install you will be able to import them back. I dont know if uninstalling removes your favourites so better to be safe than sorry.

  wee eddie 08:03 22 Apr 2007

Right Clicking the Bar and restoring the "Menu Bar"

Try working from Favourites there.

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