Can't order Norton Antivirus 2005 online

  Treebeard 22:20 04 Dec 2004

I have tried six times to order Norton Antivirus 2005 online by credit card. Initially, I was directed by Live Update to the US site and then, eventually, found the UK/Ireland site (where the upgrade costs more!). Every time I try, I receive a message that they cannot complete the order. I am certain that I have entered all the required information correctly.
I have been using NAV for many years and, for convenience, want to retain their services. However, I feel that I may have to go to one of their competitors who are more willing to sell me their product.
Has anyone found similar problems?

  Carpigiani 22:28 04 Dec 2004

I gave up on Norton a long time ago due to subscription problems. I now use click here it is free works well & updates itself regularly

  Carpigiani 22:34 04 Dec 2004

If you do decide to change from Norton, it can be hard to get rid of completely with its own uninstaller. Visit the Symantec site & read their uninstall recommendations for your version. You could need to download a small uninstall program.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:09 05 Dec 2004

There is no point in paying...AVG is free and it is not as intrusive as here


  squillary 00:44 05 Dec 2004

I know what you say is true because I had the same problem and had to order by phone in the end. Worse, it was in March, so they obviously haven't improved any.

The only consolation, because they were out of stock for 2 weeks of their two flagship products (NIS Pro and NSW Pro) was they sent the order twice and I managed to sell one set for as much as the upgrade price.

Serves them right. Their Liveupdate redirection is permanently broken for non-US customers. Their UK\Eire website is permanently broken in the way you describe. Their customer service is unable to answer any simple question unless you didn't need to ask in the first place.

It would be nice if I could order from the US site, but when you complete it on their site they add a transport charge (using couriers I use in my work) that charge you more than I can get a whole pallet shipped from the US by air!

On the plus side, ownership of even their cheapest product entitles you to purchase any other complete product in their range for just the upgrade price for all time - not sure if that's well enough known, but it's true.

  Silverbeard 06:45 05 Dec 2004

I had similar problems. Without any warning they stopped my updates. Said they had stopped supporting my version (2000).

I have switched to Avast.


  tes 08:16 05 Dec 2004

Buy it from Amazon it is usually cheaper

  steve0 08:44 05 Dec 2004

Have used Avast for last 6 months after giving up on Norton - it's much better and free

  acfc 09:49 05 Dec 2004

I have used Norton for 5 years and recommended it to family and friends untill I recently tried to renew my wife's subsciption of Norton AV 2003 ~ Norton wanted over £28!! (just for a subcription not an upgrade) when contacted after the online subsciption renewal failed.

I have since installed Avant on my own PC and AVG on hers (prefer Avant so far)as well as persuading 2 friends and 2 members of my family to try Avant. All have so far been delighted

Well done Symatec 6 customers lost in one go!!

  kakasnarta 10:18 05 Dec 2004

Just do a search on e-bay plenty of people selling nav 2005 cheaper than what it costs to update subsciption .

  anchor 14:55 05 Dec 2004

Full retail version, £19 from here:

click here

I have previously used this supplier with no problem, (he is not far from me). I don`t know the p/p cost as I collected from his premises.

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