cant or wont load pictures

  postie 18:00 06 Nov 2003

My E-Mail will not load picture attachments
when I click on the file to d/load all that comes up is another box asking me to fill in my password
any suggestions


  JIM 18:07 06 Nov 2003

What program do you use for E-mail?

sometimes, too much security can cause other problems.

click here

  postie 18:11 06 Nov 2003

OS is ME and email is hotmail

  JIM 18:27 06 Nov 2003

(computer may not recognize program that was used to create a file)

Receiving Attachments
Just like sending attachments, receiving attachments may depend on the computer system and e-mail program that you are using. With Hotmail, if the sender and receiver of the message are both using Hotmail, graphics will automatically appear in the body of the message.
When you receive a message, any attachments will be listed near the bottom of the window. Be sure to scan your message to make sure it does not contain any viruses. After the scanning is complete, you can download the attachment.

Sometimes the computer may not recognize the program that was used to create a file you have received. Let's say the sender used WordPerfect to create a document, but you only have MS Word on your computer. After you press the Download button in Hotmail, you "might" be asked to select an application to open it in or save the document. Press the "Pick App" button, and then open a program that will most likely be able to view the file (e.g., a word processing program to open up a document, PhotoShop to open up graphics, etc.). Again, the sender should the receiver what kind of file he or she is sending.

  JIM 18:30 06 Nov 2003

This should have been sent first as a check up on Sending Attachments.

Here are some basic steps for sending attachments using Hotmail, but remember that these steps might differ depending on the computer system and e-mail program you are using:
From the Compose window, press "Attachments."
In the Attachments window, click the "Browse" button.
The "File Upload" dialog box will open.
Select the file that you want to attach from your computer.
Press the "Open" button.

The file will appear in the "Attach File" field.
Press the "Attach to Message" button. The filename and size appear in the "Message Attachments" box.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 to attach as many files as you want.

Press the "Done" button when you are finished.
You will be taken back to the Compose page. You should see the name of the file(s) that you have attached just above the message window.

  postie 11:09 08 Nov 2003

there is no problem in sening attachments its the attachments i recieve from a friend in the USA and they are always either JPEG or GIFFs

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