Cant open an XLS_AUTO_FILE ?

  night 10:01 14 Mar 2010

Am using windows 7.and wish to pen a xls_auto_file how does one do this?

  VoG II 18:58 14 Mar 2010

What is an xls_auto_file?

  night 19:17 14 Mar 2010

Hi Vog it does not have a program associated with it to open the file, and I guess it is a default program or some such type, maybe Windows 7 does not load such a thing your guess is as good as mine.It must be associated with default program ?

  johnnyrocker 19:18 14 Mar 2010

could try click here


  johnnyrocker 19:20 14 Mar 2010

or alternatively click here=


  VoG II 19:30 14 Mar 2010
  lotvic 22:13 14 Mar 2010

are you running parallels on a Mac? click here for the fix for Windows

  night 11:25 15 Mar 2010

Many thanks to all for the replies and am happy to say the problem is solved, Vog, Johnnyrocker, and Lotvic how handy help room is.when in trouble

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