Can`t open safe e-mail attachment

  [email protected] 19:24 11 Sep 2003

I have Win98SE and IE6.I have received an e-mail with an attachment which I know is safe as it was expected.I have clicked and double clicked on the paperclip but it just gives me the text message in the e-mail.In OE6 > Tools > Options > Security I have unchecked `Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened etc`.What am I doing wrong?In a similar vein if I receive a text e-mail which requires answers to questions how do I write the answers after the questions so that I can send questions and answers back to the sender?Apologies if I am being a bit thick.

  grandad89 19:44 11 Sep 2003

If you are on IE6 click on Tools> Options > Security and then make sure that the box for "Do not allow attachments" etc is unchecked.

  [email protected] 20:03 11 Sep 2003

Obviously didn`t read my post properly.Naughty!

  wildrover 20:14 11 Sep 2003

Are you trying to do this from the preview pane? If so try double clicking on the email to open it then you should be able to do what you want.

  wildrover 20:18 11 Sep 2003

Just to clarify on the second part. When you click reply, you should be able to edit the "reply" email. If you want to work on it over a period of time you can "save" it to the draft folder.

  Brian-336451 20:32 11 Sep 2003

If you can't open it, try selecting 'Forward' and then you can see the file. Save it somewhere else and open it.

As for the other bit I'm not sure what you mean.

  dave h 21:42 11 Sep 2003

You have to open the E-Mail, and then Right click on the item in the 'Attach' box at the bottom of the address box. You can then open or save it as appropriate.

Clicking on the paperclip will not do anything, you have to open the E-Mail.

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