can't open renamed icons...

  nick_j007 22:42 15 Aug 2003

I dragged and dropped some pictures to my desk top, then renamed them. I was given a warning that they may then be un-openable and decided to pursue it anyway. I have had this problem in the past, but they are nearly always un-openable afterwards. Can I solve this?

Thoughs on an email please...

As always a very inquizative Nick. Cheers

  DieSse 22:51 15 Aug 2003

If you've changed the extension name (the (normally) 3 characters after the dot in the filename) - then the system will no longer know what program to use to open them.

If, sa you original name was aaaaaa.jpg, and you want to change the name to bbbb - then you MUST put bbbb.jpg

It's the (for instance) jpg bit that tells the system what program to use.

  sil_ver 22:51 15 Aug 2003

If you know the application you dragged them from try right clicking on the pic icon, click on 'open with' and find the application to use or try a paint program. By renaming them you probably lost the association.

  DieSse 22:53 15 Aug 2003

We conduct our thoughts here on the forum, not via emails, except in special circumstances.

  nick_j007 23:11 15 Aug 2003

DieSse. You got it in one. I added a .jpg to the end of my new name and hey bloomin' presto it opens fine now!
It's the basics sometimes that leave me scrambling and confused.
I have never done anything other than learn on my own and by my own mistakes. Thankfully, I find most PC issues solveable by my own messing around.

BTW, When I said "Thoughts on an email please" it was meant in the same vein as "Thoughts on a post-card please" I appreciate though as always the gentle approach of my fellow 'computers'.
My over chatty way does seem to complicate my questions I know, and what you see is (believe me) heavily edited!

Thank you all very much for once again a satisfactory conclusion!

Goodness! I owe a few beers at this rate.

Name and adddress withheld ;-)

  DieSse 23:15 15 Aug 2003

You're welcome - glad it worked out.

  nick_j007 23:17 15 Aug 2003

Thanks again.

  User-312386 01:23 16 Aug 2003

to stop yourself changing the extension so this

Open "My Documents", now select tools>folder options>view tab

Now look down the list and click on "Hide extensions for known file types"

Now click on apply and then ok

  nick_j007 23:14 17 Aug 2003

Have just done that and many thanks, it works a treat.

Nick Jones

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