Cant open recovered documents

  Iceman244 12:21 11 Nov 2010

Recently my laptop went wrong and I took it to a repair shop and all they did was format my hard drive and wipe off my operating system XP.

Distraught at the thought of losing all my files out came the yellow pages and a so called expert came and loaded on a program called recover my files or something similiar along with windows 7.

After 40 hours I saved the files it recovered to my USB stick but when I try to open them I get the following message.

The document path name or path is not valid. try these suggestions.
*check file permissions for the document or drive.
*use the file dialog box to locate the document.

Can anyone please help.

  Nontek 12:25 11 Nov 2010

Did you save the files, or just their shortcuts? Looks as if the latter is the case - also are you trying to open them from the USB stick or have you put them back to your PC to open them? Again, if the latter then they should open, unless they were not really saved as full documents.

  Iceman244 12:34 11 Nov 2010

Hi Nontek,

I presume I saved them as files and not just there shortcuts as I presume this is what the program would do.

But yes I am trying to open them from the USB stick and have not put them back on my computer. Could this be the problem?

I am using the library computer at the moment as the laptop has gone wrong again and the operating system will not load. Computer repair men don't you just love them.

So do you think if I put the documents back on my laptop then they will open?

Many thanks.

  Nontek 12:49 11 Nov 2010

Yes, I would expect them to open when back on the laptop.

  Nontek 12:52 11 Nov 2010

To explain a bit further, when you try to open them from the USB stick they are looking for their original program, which of course is not on the USB stick. Assuming the original program is still OK on the laptop, then they should open once they are re-united.

  GaT7 12:53 11 Nov 2010

What kinds of documents are these? In other words, what program(s) created them?

Does the library computer have the necessary program(s) to open these documents?

Do the documents have file extensions, & if yes what are they? G

  Jollyjohn 14:06 11 Nov 2010

Data recovery is very difficult - did the program "recover my files" give an indication of the integrity of the recovered files? They may not have been fully recovered which is why they wont open.
The files should open from the USB stick - possibly as read only - but the application that created them needs to be used to open them.
It appears from your original post that you have gone from XP to W7 - and possibly changed MS Office as well?
(By the way it cost me £370 to have 4.7gd data recovered from a formatted hdd at 90% integrity. Details of the company available if you want them.)

  Terry Brown 14:41 11 Nov 2010

I suggest you contact the company who recovered your files and tell them the problem.

Who put the data files on a memory stick, as 4.7gb sounds like a lot of data for a stick- I would have thought they would have been put on a DVD instead.

If it is a reputable company they may still have a copy of your files on record in the event of a problem like this, Ask Them !.


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