Cant open new window .

  curlylad 01:05 12 Nov 2004

This query is further to Terrylr's subject WED 10.11.2004 titled 'IE Window being reused?!' This topic I believe was not satisfactorially answered and because I have a similar problem I will re ask.

If I am on a web site and click a link to go onto another site , or start , run , then enter a new web site address and click OK , the web site I have on screen at that time changes to/becomes the new web site I have requested , a new window doesn't open so basically I can only appear to have one window open at a time.

How do I configure my browser so that I can open multiple windows and not just keep reusing the same one , this is very annoying.

All help appreciated as ever.

  Djohn 01:32 12 Nov 2004

Give this a try click here curlylad

  Smegs 01:47 12 Nov 2004

click here If you can make head or tail of this. Good luck.

  curlylad 01:49 12 Nov 2004

Tried all that matey but sadly no cigar , thanks anyway and keep 'em coming .

  curlylad 02:00 12 Nov 2004

Thanks for that , I think (lol)

Can anyone decipher Smegs link for me to explain where I need to be looking to check that info ?

  curlylad 23:37 12 Nov 2004


  curlylad 13:09 13 Nov 2004


  woodt 16:29 13 Nov 2004

What happens when you right click on the link and select open in new window?

  woodt 16:31 13 Nov 2004

Or better still switch to Firefox which has Tabbed Browsing

  grey george 16:57 13 Nov 2004

Hold down control and press N, a new window on the same page will open . You can then direct either window to a new site.

  Graham ® 17:54 13 Nov 2004

Do you not get an indication in the taskbar indicating how many IE windows are open?

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