Can't open multiple windows in IE6

  Mikeonfreeserve 19:44 23 Jul 2004

I'm runnung Windows 98 and IE6.

Since trying to install a wanadoo usb broadband modem I can't open more than one web page at a time. When I click on the IE icon the current window changes and no additional window opens as it used to.

I can recall seeing somewhere an option sayin "view web page in a separate window" but can I heckers find it!

Can anyone help please?

Oh, and trying to install the usb broadband modem software causes windows to hang part loaded with a Vxd error message. I can only load windows if I fire up in safe mode and use Add/Remove programs to remove the modem software. It is a Thomson Speedtouch USB modem. Has anyone had this problem and know a fix please.

Have a good weekend folks - why aren't we at that barbecue?!

  Smegs 20:09 23 Jul 2004

Mikeonfreeserve, try this update. click here go for the 3.01 version.

  GaT7 20:50 23 Jul 2004

The 'Open in New Window' option is available if you right-click a link. This also may help click here. G

  Mikeonfreeserve 21:01 23 Jul 2004

Crossbow - thanks; just right clicked the first link and now I've got my new windows back.

Smegs - thanks for the link; I'll try that tomorrow morning after tonights browsing.

Have a great weekend.

  Mikeonfreeserve 14:30 25 Jul 2004

Follow up which may help someone else;
I downloaded the updated drivers as Smegs suggested but I was still having problems. I tried the Wanadoo helpline and it was established that I had a Via chipset(I don't pretend to know fully what this means,lol) I was directed to Control Panel/Device Manager/USB controllers and there found the reference to Via tech.

I was then pointed at this site to download an updated driver

click here

which allowed me to work through the set up process without my pc hanging at Windows trying to boot up. Previously, I had had to come out via safe mode and using Add/Remove programs in Control Panel to remove Speedtouch and Dr Speed touch before my pc would reboot.

I think all should be chicken...two chickens...

  Smegs 22:53 25 Jul 2004

Hope everything is ok now.


  Mikeonfreeserve 07:09 26 Jul 2004

Nope, still hanging during boot up before she boots into Windows and I'm going into safe mode where I reinstalled the Broadband update driver, unplugged the modem from the USB port and I could boot properly into Windows.

I just have a nagging feeling that as soon as I reboot the same thing will happen.

Will I never be able to turn off my computer without this hassle.

Can this thread be re-titled Wanadoo Broadband boot up problem?

If anyone has any other ideas, I'd be glad to hear. I may not be doing something in exactly the right sequence. To recap, I have both the upgrade for the modem driver and the update for the Via chipset. But my pc still hangs before Windows 98 boots up. I can uninstall/reinstall the modem driver but not sure if I can do the same with the Via chipset patch.

Looks like I may be on the phone to Wanadoo this evening, if I can ever get through.

  LAMINA 08:22 26 Jul 2004

try using the keyboard ...hold down the ctrl key and press n ..this should open a new window

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