Can't open MS Publisher file

  kinger 10:55 24 Sep 2003

My friend, Gerry, publishes a magazine for his home business promotions. He uses the latest MS Publisher.

He saves the magazine file to CD and sends it to his friend, Neil, who is supposed to upload the magaines adverts to the Internet up to the official web site.

However Neil gets the message MS Publisher can't open this file. The disc was sent to several people but nobody but Gerry could open this file.

Gerry eventually sent me a copy and, sure enough "MS Publisher can't open this file" message appeared. I then tried it on my Notebook PC and, hey, it managed to eventually open it. I got a message about fonts and things needing to be substituted but I was able to work on it and resave the file under a different name.

I also exported it as web pages to help Neil out, the guy responsible for uploading to the web site.

I sent the disc to him and now, having looked at the site, the adverts are all mis-aligned with boxes covering text and strange fonts.

Firstly, does anyone know why MS Publisher can't read the file in the first place, we're all using the same version of it and, secondly, how come everything is mis-alinged like this?

Even converting it to a .pdf file makes it look odd with text, boxes and clip art mis-aligned etc.

Hope somebody can help.

  User-324448 11:05 24 Sep 2003

My version of Pub is giving me similar problems although I do not use the internet to download things we should cry on one anothers shoulders. sorry Ive been of no use whatsoever but when I have tried to convert to other formats I too get pages messed about with. Prof

  kinger 11:08 24 Sep 2003

I understand that both parties must have the same fonts installed and really should be using the same version of the program, which we are.

I have updated MS Publiser with the latest service pack but still get the problems, although I can now at least open the file.

MS Publisher seems to act differently on each computer it is installed on.

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