Can't Open Links in eMail

  Potchboy 18:55 13 Aug 2012

I am unable to open links in e-mails which I receive. The O/s on my PC is Win 7 Home Premium 64bit. I do not have M/s Outlook on my computer and have been using M/s Hotmail for my e-mails and just a few days ago switched to but the same problem persists. My internet browser is IE version 9 (not 64bit) There is no error message shown when I click on a link, nothing happens. I find this very frustrating because whenever I get an e-mail from a website asking me to click on the enclosed link I am right back where I began. Would really appreciate some help on this one. Thanks. Potchboy

  rdave13 19:20 13 Aug 2012

Check that Internet Explorer is the default browser and Outlook is the default email. Start - Default Programs - set your default programs. In Internet Explorer select tools, internet options, advanced tab and select restore advanced settings. Close Outlook and IE and open again. See if that helps.

  lotvic 22:56 13 Aug 2012

hotmail to Webmail, there seem to be some issues with links in emails.

  lotvic 23:03 13 Aug 2012

I suppose we ought to learn about the new that is replacing Hotmail ClickHere (what a pain, it'll have to wait for me to have time to absorb it...)

  Woolwell 23:30 13 Aug 2012

I wish they hadn't chosen Outlook for their new name for hotmail. It's going to cause confusion and seems to have already done so on this thread.

rdave13 is referring to the Outlook email client.

Are you using webmail (ie viewing your e-mails using IE9)? Opening email links in webmail can be difficult if not impossible. Have you ever been able to open links?

It may be better to revert back to hotmail.

  lotvic 23:48 13 Aug 2012

Usually easier/better to copy the url link from the email and paste it into a new tab in browser.

I also feel the choice of name could have been better. The comments at the bottom of my link to the Blog about are worth reading. Seems there are some problems and confusion all round.

  CommandJG 02:55 14 Aug 2012

Is it possible that because of security filter? I usually copy the link and open it in new tab.

  Sea Urchin 08:19 14 Aug 2012

Some background reading for

  rdave13 09:41 14 Aug 2012

I'm using and links are working ok using the 64-bit version of IE. I'm using a Hotmail and Live account. The only thing that had me puzzled for a while was that signing in with the Hotmail account didn't automatically transfer my Live account. So I had to sign in again using my Live account. Now both are set up using this web mail.

  rdave13 10:22 14 Aug 2012

In Set Program Access and Computer Defaults check that Internet Explorer is the default and that "Use my current email program button is dotted".

  Potchboy 17:28 14 Aug 2012

Thanks for the help guys. I am not sure if I have done everything correctly but I am checking the default selections. In reply to rdave13 I did try that but it does not seem to have made a difference.I have not been using the browser for e-mails, only Hotmail but I could never open links here either. Potchboy

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