cant open discs in my dvd drive

  carnoustiejim 14:05 19 Aug 2013

hi when I put a disc into my dvd drive it wont open tried them on my laptop and they open ok so confusing can you help me please thanks kirriejim

  spuds 14:15 19 Aug 2013

I assume that the dvd drive you are talking about is a stand-alone unit or is it attached to a desktop computer, because using another drive (laptop) as no bearing on the problem when you want to reject the disk?.

Might pay to explain what type of equipment you are having a problem with, and we might be able to provide some form of answer?.

  carnoustiejim 14:36 19 Aug 2013

hi spuds the dvd drive is a slimtype dvd a d58a5sh ata device attached to my ain pc hope this is what you need to know kirriejim

  Woolwell 15:22 19 Aug 2013

What sort of DVD's?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:39 19 Aug 2013

Op system?

click the Start button clickControl Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and then click AutoPlay.

Select the action that you want Windows to perform for each media type, and then click Save.

  carnoustiejim 16:08 19 Aug 2013

hi ive tried to open cds, dvd- discs which were opening before and have software,mp3s on them my o/s is win 7 have set auto play as suggested still the same checked device manager the device is working properly kirriejim

  T0SH 16:33 19 Aug 2013

It is very common for one other or on a very rare occasion both of the laser led`s in read/write heads of CD/DVD drives to fail, if so then a replacement drive is the only cure

Cheers HC

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:35 19 Aug 2013

Can you explore the disk?

  carnoustiejim 16:58 19 Aug 2013

cant explore disc kirriejim

  carnoustiejim 16:58 19 Aug 2013

cant explore disc kirriejim

  spuds 17:00 19 Aug 2013

I am beginning to wonder if the disk might be security coded, so it will only open on certain set devices?.

What happens when you try other disks,that you have never had problems with. Are the results the same?.

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