Can't open CD or extracted files for one programme

  Episodic1 20:10 09 Sep 2016

I have a troublesome CD that I can't open. It's a car maintenance manual and I've also found and downloaded some compressed files of the manual and used WinRAR to try and run them but I get the same problem. I don't usually get problems with CDs.

I keep getting error messages (I could post screen shots if I knew how!). I have created an ISO file but can't run it.

Any ideas please?

(Windows 10)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:59 09 Sep 2016

what is the error message?

  Episodic1 21:20 09 Sep 2016

Hello Fruit Bat,

When I click the "setup" file it goes through installing the programme (e.g. asking me for the language),gives the install progress bar and says "installed."

I then get the error message:

"Unable to execute file:

C:users\Aidan\Documents\letter email etc\Car\Punto\Workshop manuals\elearn\elearn.exe

CreateProcess failed;code 2. The system couldn't find the file specified."

I took the CD to my local computer shop and they had no problem opening it! They to try it on the desktop but that resulted in the same error message for me!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:01 09 Sep 2016


  bumpkin 23:17 09 Sep 2016

Fruit Bat /\0/*, *Well Done.

  Episodic1 10:48 10 Sep 2016

Thanks for your replies. Maybe I didn't post very clearly!

When I took the CD to my local computer shop they could open it on their system. They suggested trying to open it on my PC on my desktop. Unfortunately, this did not work. I can't open and run the programme on my PC, desk top or not! When I try, it generates the error messages that I posted.

Not sure what the post "redhill" was about?

Can you help me to run this CD on my system please?

  lotvic 11:21 10 Sep 2016

Redhill click here it's wandered off from it's proper thread :)

  Episodic1 13:33 10 Sep 2016

OK, so is there someone who can pick my thread up please?

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