Can't open an attachment.

  nickyjane 10:46 13 Apr 2004

Hi Guys. My friend sent me a email with a attachment, it did not open by it's self, but gave me a choice of programs to open it .I chose "windows picture and fax viewer, I think this was the wrong one as nothing happened ,How do I change the program for opening the attachment.
My o/s is xp home with outlook express.

  VoG II 10:48 13 Apr 2004

What is the the file extension?

  Taw® 10:48 13 Apr 2004

right click,properties theres a tab there to change opens with

  temp003 11:06 13 Apr 2004

If your computer doesn't show file extensions, go into My Computer, Tools, Folder Options, Vew tab, and untick the box for "Hide file extensions for known file types". Click OK.

  nickyjane 11:10 13 Apr 2004

VOG. Where do I have the file extension.

TAW. Have right clicked properties all I get is message details. ie who its from and info about message.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:14 13 Apr 2004

Look at the attachment does it say .xxx at the end ? .xxx bieng the file extension.


  nickyjane 11:31 13 Apr 2004

Hi Guys
Thank you all for the advice and help, as a newcomer to computing this is going over my head, will try to sort it out later.
Thanks to everyone. nickyjane.

  TomJerry 11:36 13 Apr 2004

ask you friend what format is the attachment he sent to you

  arricarry 11:58 13 Apr 2004

Hello - when you click on the "paperclip" by the side of your message a box should appear with the attachment details in the header. Should be an icon with possibly a filename and a full stop with .jpeg or .tiff or .pcx etc. The bit after the full stop is the file extension.

  cycoze 16:21 13 Apr 2004

Everyone is asking about the file extension incase you have been sent a virus , for instance a word document might be named `lettertomum.doc` or `lettertomum.txt` , doc and txt being the extensions .

Knowing the extension can show what type of program the file should be open with , its possible if your friend has sent you a legitimate file that you dont have the correct software to view it with , in which case you need to contact your friend for advice .

Good idea in future though is not to try and run attachments unless you know what they are and who they came from , were they expected etc , dangers to lookout in email file extensions such as .exe .scr .pif , they can be genuine files to , double extensions ie `` are a definate sign of a virus/trojan/worm.

As always an uptodate AntiVirus program is a must.

Dont be afraid of asking for simple answers on these forums , theres a lot of nice people here and we all had to start somewhere , and we all keep learning .

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