Can't Manage Outlook Personal Folders

  User-064D8D8D-326C-46F0-A5916820C563BECF 02:13 30 Apr 2008

I am using Outlook 2003 SP3. I am the only one using it but there are four (4) folders marked "Personal Folders" under "All Mail Folders." The first two PF's in the list are exact duplicates of each other. Whatever I do to the first PF or its subfolders also happens to the second PF. Mail goes to the same sub folders in each. I cannot change the name of either and both show the same .pst file location. When I select the third or forth PF there are no sub folders and when I select its properties / advanced to try to close it, it tells me that no object could be found. what I am trying to do is keep two personal folders. One PF-Current with current project sub folders, etc. and the second PF-Archive with email I do not want to delete but also do not want to clutter the folders I use everyday.

Can anyone tell me what to do and how to arrive at the end I am seeking?

  Woolwell 09:28 30 Apr 2008

Do you not have a personal folder and an archive folder? I keep all my old-mails in the archive folder. Outlook prompts now and again to archive.

No. Under "All Mail Folders" there are only four "Personal Folders" and I can't seem to do anything to change any of them at all. I want to archive some messages in order to make the current emails more manageable. Outlook has never prompted me to archive.

  recap 11:08 30 Apr 2008

You may be able to delete the duplicate Personal Folder by going to Tools/Options/Mail Setup (tab)/Data Files... (Button). Select the file you want to delete and click the Remove button.

  Woolwell 16:18 30 Apr 2008

To archive your e-mails click here

Also look under Tools - Options - Other tab and autoarchive

To remove extra personal folders click here


recap's suggestion got rid of one additional folder that was pointing to the same .pst as the original. Woolwell's suggestion got rid of one of the Personal Folders that did not seem to really exist.

Now I have my main Personal Folder with all its sub-folders and one additional Personal Folder that does not seem to want to respond to anything.

When I follow either recap or Woolwell it says "Operation Failed - An Object Could Not Be Found." Any ideas?

Also, I have never been prompted by Outlook regarding archiving. That is what started all of this as I tried to empty out some emails and relaized that I had all the PF's. What I would really like to do is start a main folder, like the Personal Folder but called Archives, and have a sub-folder under it similar to each of the sub-folders under my current PF. Could anyone help me establish this?

  Woolwell 16:11 01 May 2008

You could try a repair to Outlook.

Did you follow my first link? It ought to create an archive file (folder) and you can do that for every sub folder.

I did try the first link and was able to set up archive folders for all of my Personal Folders. Thank you Woolwell! I really appreciate your help. On a related subject; is it possible to set up the archive date based on the age of the message, such as "6 weeks" rather than a specific date that I have to change?

The only problem that remains is the duplicate personal folder file. I tried the suggestions from Microsoft Office Online with no success. I was going to insert two .jpg's here to show the mail tree and the error message, but can't see how to do it. Anyway, when I attempt to "Close" the duplicate PF or try to go to its Properties and then "Advanced" I still get the message "Operation Failed - Object Could Not Be Found." When I follow recap's suggestion above I only see the one PF where my mail goes. The second PF is more like a ghost! I see it but it does not seem to really be there.

It's not the end of the world, but I hate to have a program not function correctly and then, in effect, say "learn to live with it!"

If anyone has any suggestions I would be thrilled to try them. Otherwise, thank you all for your help.

  Woolwell 16:22 02 May 2008

For archive dates try:
Tools - Options - Other tab - click on autoarchive and this should open up a box where you can tell it how frequently to run autoarchive and the age of the e-mails to archive.

  Woolwell 16:23 02 May 2008

For your duplicate folder I can only suggest that you try a repair to Outlook.

Once again, Thanks!

I adjusted my archive perameters and all is well. I will try to repair Outlook, but even if I never get rid of the extra PF it is not the end of the world. Thanks to recap and Woolwell for your help.

Ken Kloman (jk3)

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