cant make vcd from ulead

  stourry 10:27 16 Oct 2004

have ulead video studio 6 and have created file to put on vcd but when go into burn process burn fails and folowing message comes up

failed in performance power calibration
can anyone help
running win 2000 xp amd xp2000+ proc 384 mb pc2100
nvidea gforce 4 64mb

  ICF 10:39 16 Oct 2004

Are you all patched up click here

  john-232317 11:34 16 Oct 2004

Possibly trying to make VCD, and the writer thinks its reading a blank DVD...? ( Ulead DVD wizard )

  stourry 19:17 16 Oct 2004

thanks for all the help.
ICF take advice and did the patch did not help.
have check and writer only looking for cd not dvd not sure where to go now have posted on ulead site
thanks nce again

  281apple 07:25 17 Oct 2004

uninstall ulead and reinstall it. If that does not work, do that again. If after two tries you can possible either have a program which is incomplete or you could have a conflict between ulead and another program such as: Nero, Easy Reader, depending on what you have on your computer. If you have another burn program on your computer uninstall it, restart and if then ulead does not work, try anyone of at least eight or ten other programs, some of which are free.

  ICF 08:46 17 Oct 2004

Did a search on Ulead's forum click here using "ULEAD AND DVD AND WIZARD AND failed" and come up with this click here

  stourry 12:30 18 Oct 2004

have taken win xp off and re-installed win 98se sytem works but getting jumping audio will check this out. but looks like win xp was causing problems
thanks for all the help ray

  john-232317 20:41 18 Oct 2004

Glad its working on 98, but it should work with XP. I downloaded a trial of version 8 which works fine with XP, i also have Nero on PC as well, no conflicts. I like Nero best ;-)

  stourry 00:26 20 Oct 2004

thanks dadyassa
dont know whats the matter i think i will stick to what works at the moment.
I have Nero also and i like it as well
thanks once agin

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