Cant to make a phone call to USA

  Deen Mohd Dar 10:01 18 Sep 2018

I need to contact my hosting company located in USA but i have to contact them via email, too slow. I tried to contact them by phone but it is saying wrong number. I tried country code +1 and phone number but not connecting. Any suggestion, thanks

  Pine Man 10:13 18 Sep 2018

It would help if we knew who the company was and where you are calling from maybe.

  Cymro. 11:36 18 Sep 2018

Just try an EMail as it may get through while you waste time on the phone

  Forum Editor 12:48 18 Sep 2018

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  Deen Mohd Dar 13:57 18 Sep 2018

Oh, now after searching i found that i missed exit code and this helped me. Thanks for your comments

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