Can't make copies (DVD)

  pj123 15:39 17 Oct 2005

I have a 40 minute video on my Digital Camcorder.

I have put it on to DVD using Sonic MyDVD (took ages) and it plays back with no problems.

I now need to do 3 copies for family. I have tried DVD XCopy but no go. It gets to the burn bit and I put a blank DVD in but I get an error message "burn failed". I tried DVD Shrink and get the same error. I have also tried Nero Copy DVD and again the same error. I am making so many coasters it isn't true.

Why? Anyone got any ideas please?

The only way I can think of is to use Sonic MyDVD and do the whole thing from scratch again 3 more times.

  keith-236785 16:09 17 Oct 2005

i would have thought nero's copy disc would have done the trick, normally for a backup of the kids dvd's i use DVD Shrink and dont have a problem, cant understand why yours wont work. what format are the output files in Sonic, are they TS files. if not then maybe they need converting. (far as i know thats what sonic does but i dont use it so cant help on that)

  De Marcus™ 16:14 17 Oct 2005

Is there no error log anywhere that may point to the problem in hand, look at nero's error log more specifically. Keep your eyes peeled for anything that resembles aspi error

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 16:21 17 Oct 2005

have you tryed copying the video on camcorder to pc then make a dvd in nero then you will have a video_ts folder on your pc containing the dvd then you can burn the dvd as many times as you wantwith nero burning cdrom dvd part.

  BRYNIT 16:58 17 Oct 2005

To save on disks.

If you have Nero imagedrive. Use nero to create a disk image on your hard drive from the DVD, use imagedrive to check if the image works. If the image works you can then use nero to burn image to anothe disk.

  pj123 16:59 17 Oct 2005

Sorry Guys, had to go out to pick my partner up.

Yes, the files on the DVD are TS files.

I will give Nero another try and see if there is an error log.

  pj123 17:32 17 Oct 2005

Saved the day. My next door neighbour has got Ulead MovieFactory 4 on his computer. Tried the copy and it works perfectly. Does Ulead know something the others don't?

I have now just ordered MovieFactory for myself.

  David4637 14:10 18 Oct 2005

Always use a DVDRW disc to make sure the copy works OK, if it does then copy the DVDRW to a DVD R, that way you don't produce coasters. Same applies to CDRW as well. David

  pj123 15:22 18 Oct 2005

Thanks everyone. Gone next door again to do some more copies for family.

Still waiting for my own Moviefactory 4 to arrive.


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