Cant log onto many forums on the net:Help needed!!

  Fiery251 10:16 20 Mar 2003

I reformatted my HD a few days ago, and set it back up as per its state prior to the reformat.

40Gb HD partitioned using PartionMagic 8.0 into two parts of equal size, with W98SE on the Primary partition, and XP Pro on the logical, second partition.

Began reinstalling my software and apps.

Everything seemed normal, until I got back on the internet, and found that almost all of the message boards and forums I am a member of, will not allow me to log in under my username and password. I enter both my user name and password, then click on "Log-in", and it simply takes me back to the forums main page with the same message at the top of the page:-"You are not logged in or registered".

I have not touched any of the default settings in Internet Options, and I may add, that any time previously that I've reformatted and reinstalled Windows, this particular problem has not occured.

My cookies are enabled, and all the security settings are set to medium or low.

I've tried installing IE 6.0, to see if that cured it, but it didnt.

I'm on AOL 6.0 on 56k Dial-up.

Can someone PLEASE help me out??!!!. There must be a solution to this. I've searched Google Groups for info, and seena few posts from people with similar problems, but the usual replies of "Check your cookies are enabled etc", go no way to sorting this problem.

Please help!!!.

This is a follow up post to the previous one I entered regarding this problem, I will tick the older one as resolved and see what answers this one brings.


  Fiery251 10:18 20 Mar 2003

BTW, I forgot to mention that I am connecting using AOL with Windows 98SE, not XP Pro.

I only use XP Pro for games and offline apps, W98SE is my internet connection OS.

  simonp1 10:20 20 Mar 2003

You could check your firewall settings so they enable the sites( had to it today myself ) the other reason might be when formating the drive all the information ie cookies has been wiped off.

  Fiery251 10:29 20 Mar 2003

I have no Firewall running, and no Anti-Virus software running either.

I've reformatted many times previously, and it has never affected my ability to log onto forums till now.

Reformatting results in all data being lost, but the act of revisiting a website's forums and logging on again, should simply result in a new set of cookies being created for the site in question.

  Fiery251 14:20 20 Mar 2003


Sussed out the problem that was causing this, and its a new one on me!!.

My PC's date was set to the year "2018", which in turn, was affecting the cookies.

I must have set it wrong during the install of Windows.

Thank gawd for that!!.


  Andsome 17:12 20 Mar 2003

Do you really think that it's wise to run a computer without AV or Firewall?

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