Can't log into Facebook on desktop

  PerrieTheReign 00:47 17 May 2019

Hi, I can't log into my Facebook account on desktop PC- browsers Chrome/ Microsoft Edge / Mozilla / Safari.

When I try to log in, the page only refreshes itself and doesn't take me to my account- just back to the log in/sign up page. The only browser that lets me log in on my desktop PC is Opera, but I'm afraid to log out because it could stop working there as well. Facebook app on my Android works perfectly, as well as browsers in my phone. It also can't be an issue with Chrome, because I deleted cache/cookies, reinstalled the whole browser, updated to default settings.. plus it doesn't work in incognito mode as well.

Yesterday I tried to log in on my friend's laptop and the same problem appeared- I can't log in on Chrome or any other browser, with the only exception being Opera.

I also tried to log in through on my desktop PC and it says that my account is temporarily unavailable and I should log in on my computer and follow the instructions there.. But I can't see any instructions while trying to log in on desktop, because it only refreshes and takes me back to log in page.. :-O I have absolutely no idea what to do at this point. I already submitted a report to Facebook 3 times and never heard back. It's been a week and I really need to use Facebook on my desktop.

Can someone please help?

  x13 10:07 17 May 2019

Try control panel - Internet options - security - trusted sites - sites - and add facebook . com . Won't put the full address in as it will change to a hyperlink.

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