Can't load wndows - black screen on start - up

  Nonnyriley 21:12 10 Mar 2003

Hi, I've just purchased a motherboard kit and case (K7S5A pro) and amd athlon xp 1800+) manged to install windows 2000 on new hard drive but when it came to loading windows 2000 for my first time, after the win2k loading screen it wen't black and stayed. In safe-mode I chose to chkdsk at start up which gets to step 5 then brings up the following message.......

***STOP: 0x0000001E (0xC0000005, 0xBFE47206, 0x00000000, 0x0000000C KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED

***Address BFE47206 BASE AT BFE3C000, DATESTAMP 38178976 - NV4.SYS
Then mentions it could be due to my video adapter or bios. Please help!

  billyliv 21:34 10 Mar 2003

Hi, try clearing your cmos by moving the jumper then moving it back again after a few minutes. Cheers, Bill

  Ironman556 21:43 10 Mar 2003

Is the video card in securely?

  NT Server 22:31 10 Mar 2003

You need the most up to date video drivers for Win 2000. You will need to boot up in safe mode and install the standard VGA driver and then update these with the new driver

  Nonnyriley 07:30 11 Mar 2003

Never knew you could install drivers in safe mode, Is this the reason it takes about 10 mins to load up?

  Nonnyriley 07:56 11 Mar 2003

"starting windows" bar completes but nothing happens, and I've waited for up to 20 minutes. Is there any other way I can install the drivers for my graphics card. Perhaps through command promt?

Maybe I'll do a format and install windows this afternoon.

  Nonnyriley 13:53 11 Mar 2003

If I know it's the graphics card, then it'll be o.k. So it's definetly not the bios causing the problem?

  NT Server 19:38 11 Mar 2003

Having a look at Microsoft`s web site, it does not say anything about the BIOS. If you can not start up in safe mode it can not be the video drivers either. Safe mode will only load the VGA drivers.
So it could be a faulty card video card. One other thing did you buy new memory with your motherboard? If not is it the correct type.
Have a look at Microsoft`s web site goto this address. Good luck

click here;en-us;275678

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