Can't load Windows 98SE

  Fruity69 20:29 01 Oct 2003

I have a PC running Windows 98SE. I have recently upgraded to AOL's Broadband and have successfully used it for a few days.

However, when using the internet yesterday I got a message from AOL saying the the internet connection had been lost. Since this I can't load Windows successfully.

The PC goes through the normal boot up sequence (although it displays the primary and secondary master and slaves being found - which I don't remember from before - along with a line which says "No AT Conductor Cable Installed" - don't remember that either!) and seems to be loading Windows. It displays my wallpaper but all icons have disappeared!!! Exactly the same happens if I go into Safe Mode.

If I Ctrl/Alt/Del there appears to be absolutely nothing running.

I can load the command prompt and everything looks to be there so I guess that the c: drive integrity is okay.


  graham√ 20:39 01 Oct 2003

Ring AOLs Broadband helpline. If it's on their flowchart they will tell you what to do.

PS it's free.

  woodchip 20:42 01 Oct 2003

Start with the Win98 floppy disc. leave until it gets to A:\> then type SCANREG/RESTORE press enter choose an old date to restore. then restart your comp

  Djohn 20:47 01 Oct 2003

Could be a faulty or loose IDE cable, or you are still using a 40 strand one instead of 80 strand.

Don't think it's an AOL problem, but more to do with your hardware or O/S. j.

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