cant load win xp

  granite 23:26 26 Nov 2004

can anyone help
i cannot seem to get win xp any ver to load on a systems i am trying to upgrade. celeron 766mhz 256mb pc133 tried changing various components except m/b or cpu. Problem is the following
unexpected error.(0)occured @ line D:\xpsp11bas\boot\setup\arcdisp.c this keeps coming up just when windows first starts to load, although on 2 occasions it has loaded setup files gone to reboot then goes into a loop of starting and the restarting with a black screen.never had this problem before anyone got any ideas please

  smudge101 23:46 26 Nov 2004

My brother had a similar problem when he built his first pc. Turned out that it was ok when he removed the PCI modem.
Try removing any parts that are not neccessary to install & boot the machine. It might work!

  georgemac 10:38 27 Nov 2004

do as above - add other components later.

also dodgy memory can cause this - if unsure get a dos memtester which will run from a boot floppy.

I once had one particular friends amachine which would not load windows xp from the cd - I had to copy all the files to the hard drive first - will search for the instructions and post back

  georgemac 10:52 27 Nov 2004

click here;en-us;315349 follow the instructions to use a w98 boot floppy to copy the setup files to your hard drive (the hard drive will have to be formatted in fat32 for dos to work but you can convert it to NTFS later)

then type c:\i386\winnt32.exe and the install will begin from the hard drive

it worked on this particular pc which I upgraded from ME to xp - I tried everything to get it to load from the cd and it would not work.

  georgemac 11:30 27 Nov 2004

broken link!

click here maybe not the exact answer but worth a try if you are completely stuck

click here this error is very similar to yours and points to memory problems (from MS Knowledgebase)

  georgemac 11:31 27 Nov 2004

click here for memtest untility

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