can't load scanner

  wince 14:36 03 Jun 2003

Every time i try to use the scanner it tells me Twain error failed to open Twain Driver i have reinstalled the driver and it still won't work can you help?

  beeuuem 14:44 03 Jun 2003

Give us a clue - which scanner and which operating system?

  wince 14:57 03 Jun 2003

i'm running win98 and the scanner is a Artec e+48u

  beeuuem 17:54 03 Jun 2003

Has the scanner worked in the past? It may be worth trying the drivers from
click here
Unfortunately,it doesn't give version numbers so there is no telling if these are the same as you have already tried. And at 28Mb it is a big D/L.

  Diemmess 18:34 03 Jun 2003

What shows in device manager? Any yellow exclamation or question marks?

Is your scanner SCSI, USB or Printer port connected?

Reason is that with SCSI it is best to play dumb when first installing it, just plough through the Windows prompts when asked for the software until it gives up and tells you it can do it later.

Then - load the drivers from the CD and follow those prompts as well. Finally when firsat using the scanner from another application - select source and choose Twain32.

  beeuuem 18:58 03 Jun 2003

Diemmess is much more expert then me, I'll leave you in his capable hands.

  wince 20:05 03 Jun 2003

in device manager there is no yellow or ? marks. its USB port i've tested the scanner in device manager it tells me the scanner is working. bit it is not

  Diemmess 09:33 04 Jun 2003

beeuuem is very polite...all I claim is punch drunkeness from previous "difficulties" with my own scanner.

This is the last scrapings of trying to help from a very low knowledge base.

USB is supposed to make things simple and usually does, but there is a correct pecking order for doing things........ What I would do now is listed below.

Unplug the scanner.

From Control Panel Add/Remove programs, see if you can find and "remove" your scanner?

If there is nothing there to remove, have a look in Start > Programs >(scanner program)...... If there is something there, look for an uninstall option and use that.

If you have now uninstalled the scanner, or at worst really cannot find any trace then shut down and reboot.

When Windows is running, plug in the scanner and switch it on...... Hopefully Windows will ask you for the software. You have your driver disk so use that and watch for some prompt or other which may be the critical one to install the scanner's USB driver or perhaps the twain one.

I hope somehow it will all fall into place for you.

  wince 13:41 04 Jun 2003

Diemmess i have tried all of the above it still tells me twain error thank you for help

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