Can't load O/S

  Gorgeous 08:38 06 Oct 2004

I've just upgraded my P.C. with a new Asus A7V880 motherboard, AMD semperon 2600 CPU, 160GB Maxtor SATA hard drive & 256m of 3200 ram. When switching on, the machine runs through its POST & boots ok from the floppy drive. I was able to Fdisk & format the hard drive but on loading windows XP I got an error message saying unable to find hard drive. The drive is visible in the bios & formatted Ok. I then tried loading windows 98 after booting up to DOS. this gave an error message, "unable to read from drive(DVD ROM) abort fail retry". Tried disconnecting new SATA drive & connected old IDE drive with Win 98 already installed. This caused a protection error which re-booted the PC, Win 98 would then load in safe mode only. Any ideas on the problem will be welcome.

  OwenLotts 08:58 06 Oct 2004

Did you hit F6 and insert the disk with the SATA drivers when prompted? It might say RAID but it also has to be done for SATA drives.

  Gorgeous 09:46 06 Oct 2004

Thanks Owen, I'll try that when I get home. This is my 1st SATA so i'm on a learning curve. Any other tips would be great.

  OwenLotts 14:18 06 Oct 2004

I'm not sure myself. All i know is that to install a SATA drive (i'll be doing so in the future) with Xp you need the drivers on a floppy. During the initial screens you'll be asked to hit F6 if you want to install RAID or 3rd party drivers (its at the bottom of the screen so keep watching!!). At this point you need to hit F6 and follow the prompts. XP will then copy the drivers from the floppy and then carry installing. Don't forget to remove the floppy before it reboots again!

click here

Go down to the screen shots and look at number 2. MS-DOS portion of Setup begins

  It's Me 14:41 06 Oct 2004

I see that a floppy drive is needed if one has SATA HDDs. I do have one myself, and I do know that you can buy an USB floppy drive, but it does beg the question of why do these PC manufacturers not seem to fit a floppy drive as standard these days, even when they fit SATA drives.

Is it similar to their adverts where they clearly state that they advise use of XP professional, and then promptly offer their PCs with XP Home fitted!

The left hand noeth not what the right hand is thinking about doing, and this is not helpfull.

  OwenLotts 08:24 07 Oct 2004

I don't understand why a floppy drive is not provided either as floppy disks are still useful to backup or transfer one off files. Even with a CD writer installed i still use my floppy drive regularly and they only cost £5!

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