cant load up operating system

  TCTOPCAT 13:56 25 Aug 2004

windows Xp home edition upgrade

when my computer loads up a message is shown giving two options: Windows XP home edition,
Windows Xp setup
Or F8 for advanced options.
When i press the Windows XP home edition option nothing happens and when i press Windows XP setup a message comes up saying "setup is inspecting your hardware configuration" and stays like that for ages. What is wrong and what do i do.


  mgmcc 14:35 25 Aug 2004

Have you actually completed installation of XP? It sounds as though you have the boot menu that would be present during the process of installing XP and which it would use to reboot at various points during the installation. After XP is fully operational, this boot menu wouldn't be available.

Were you clean installing XP or upgrading with an earlier OS still in place?

  TCTOPCAT 15:38 25 Aug 2004

No never completed installing it cause there was an error. Was reinstalling Xp after a problem with some new RAM that i was trying to put in

  xania 16:32 25 Aug 2004

If new RAM caused a problem with XP, a reinstallation would not solve the problem, and that's probably what you've found. Take out the new RAM and work only with the old. Flush your current installation and re-install cleanly. When its fully operational, try reinserting the new RAM. If it fails, suspect either the new RAM, the way the new and old is relating and the mobo itself (in that order). Try swapping the RAM modules. Try working only with the new RAM. Try the new RAM on another PC.

  TCTOPCAT 17:22 25 Aug 2004

tried reinstalling old RAM made no difference. Cant flush current installation cause cant even access windows. When i turn the computer on i get a choice to choose "WIndoes XP home edition" or "Windows XP setup" as said in first letter

  pcwhizz 17:57 25 Aug 2004

get a win 98 boot disk

click here

download this file and let it extract it to floppy

make the floppy drive the first priority boot in BIOS.

When it has loaded use the command

format c:

or wotever letter your drive is!

Once its finish redo ur Windows XP installation with the CD! Dont forget to change the boot priority back to CD drive before attempting the XP installation!

hope this helps


  TCTOPCAT 18:18 25 Aug 2004

Looking good so far


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