Cant llink to email links - default mail client

  laptopdunce 09:41 01 Nov 2012

If i try to click on an email link on a website I get a window appear that says "Windows" Default mail client not properly installed, cannot perform this operation. - what does this mean? and how can I correct it? its preventing me from accessing email links on websites and things like that. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE (I have an acer laptop with Windows vista)

  tullie 10:08 01 Nov 2012

Can you show an example of the links you mean?

  lotvic 11:03 01 Nov 2012

Which email client have you got set as the Default one for Windows to use?

Windows needs to know which email program to open up so you can compose an email.

  Woolwell 11:11 01 Nov 2012

Do you normally use webmail? Unless you have a default e-mail client then you will get that message.

  Sea Urchin 14:08 01 Nov 2012

In Internet Explorer (whether you use it not) go to the Tools menu - Internet Options - Programs tab - and make sure the email client you use is set in the drop down menu. Click Apply and OK.

  laptopdunce 16:55 01 Nov 2012

I use hotmail mainly for emails, though I do have gmail and yahoo email addresses, is that what you mean about an "email client" thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Sea Urchin 16:58 01 Nov 2012

Yes, if you check that drop down menu you should find Windows Live Hotmail listed there.

  laptopdunce 17:15 01 Nov 2012

Very weird this, I cant get the IE homepage to open now, I am using google chrome browser to use internet as IE simply will not open, and I cant get into the "tools" menu and "internet options" is shaded grey, I tried to log into yahoo messenger and it wont open the messenger either, when I click on the "diagnose2 link on yahoo IM, it says to check that I am getting https on IE - which I am not, it is showing the url bar at the top as (the IE is set to yahoo as the default page) so hence I am now on google chrome just to get into sites etc., this has just happened for no reason, it was all fine yesterday, but I have had this problem before where the IE wont open the page properly, I had to do a complete restore from the back up disks on laptops in England that I was getting this problem with., and now it has cleared it up on those computers but it took DAYS to get all the programmes re-loaded and back to how it was before. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 18:16 01 Nov 2012

That's weird, I have done a restart and the laptop had 3 downloads to install and then when I restarted it DOES open up quickly the IE homepage now, I can go into "tools" and open the tab for "programs" BUT there doesnt seem to be a pull down menu for checking if Windows live hotmail is in programmes tab, there are 4 headings called: Default web browser, Manage add-ons, HTML editing and Internet programmes, so what should I do now?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Woolwell 18:32 01 Nov 2012

Do you read your e-mails only through your browser ie IE or Chrome?

  Woolwell 18:33 01 Nov 2012

An e-mail client is a program on your computer which downloads and sends emails. Programs such as Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird.

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