Can't keep window settings for Zip drive - XP

  montyburns 23:11 25 Aug 2003

Using XP with an external (USB) Zip drive

I just can't seem to get it to keep any folder settings I apply to it. I want to keep it on "details" view, but it reverts to icons view. It doesn't just do this when I have ejected and re-inserted the Zip - it also does it if I simply close the window and then instantly re-open it.

I have files which I update across 2 PCs, and need to view the containing folders on C:\ and Zip side by side, to see which are new and need copying. Good old Windows95 lets me do this - why can't the "new improved" XP?

Anyone got any ideas?

  powerless 23:14 25 Aug 2003

Control Panel > Folder Options > View > At the bottom is "Remember each folder's view settings" ticked?

  montyburns 23:16 25 Aug 2003

Yes, tried this to no avail I'm afraid.......

  pc moron 23:34 25 Aug 2003

You could try this click here
It involves editing the registry but it worked great for me.

  montyburns 12:33 26 Aug 2003

Thanks for the suggestion.

Tried it but it didn't work. Think it must be something to do with the Zip drive. Windows remembers settings for all other folders, just not this one.

Anyone got any ideas for a work around?

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