can't install/run nvidia graphics updates

  rickd 19:08 24 Apr 2006

I have 77.77 forceware from nvidia installed which has quite happily run my 6800GT card for many months. I want to install a newer version - (currently 84.21) which also supports this card (in fact all geforce cards). I have uninstalled the previous driver, run a drive cleaner program turned off norton antivirus, downloaded the update and run the wizard (as advised on other threads). It seems to copy the files across ok all the green bars fill, but then a final screen comes up with an error meassage saying it failed to install, and Access denied. When I reboot, sure enough it hasn't installed and I'm in VGA mode.
I have also tried with other versions e.g. 81.95, and the same thing happens. I have also tried installing 8*.** versions from a cd.

Clearly there is something on my PC that doesn't like Nvidia updates or is preventing some of the files from installing. Can there really be anything installed that could deny me access??

Is it possible that my MB is preventing things. If so what can I try? I have never updated the MB's bios, but since the graphics are handled by a card, I didn't think that would be needed, besides the MB is pretty common and only a couple of years old so I'd have thought nvidia drivers would be compatible, and as I say, its run version 77 for months. However, is it possible to download updates for the MB which will then allow the nvidia updates to install.

I have XPsp2, P4r800vm motherboard, p4 3.2GHZ CPU, 1gb ram, and a 485W PSU. The monitor is a vewsonic ve710b.

Before you ask why I want to update when its running OK now, its so I can a) make use of the updates for various games, and b) will be able to install a 7800GS card, which needs 80 or above (it wont run on 77.77 installed).

I could really use some help on this before I go mad(der)

  chub_tor 19:12 24 Apr 2006

Just saw this on the PCW website click here
have you recently updated XP?

  Totally-braindead 19:15 24 Apr 2006

You say it denied access, are you the administrator on the computer? Have you tried downloading the newest version again in case its a corrupt download and lastly what happens if you install the drivers you got with the card, the originals, do they work?

  Totally-braindead 19:20 24 Apr 2006

Forget the corrupt download theory you've tried 8 different versions.

  rickd 19:37 24 Apr 2006

Yup, am admin and tried installing the new card and then drivers, but the same thing happens, so took the card back out and replaced it with the old one to help pinpoint the problem, which is, simply, I can't install the updates. (In fact I've tried at least 15 times, not 8!!)
Just looked at the Microsoft update page (see post above) that says since a security update last week, there have been some probs with NVIDIA shell extensions, whatever that means. And yes, I dutifully updated from MS last week. D'oh. I'll see if I can uninstall the update when I get back to my PC to rule this out, but if anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.

  rickd 21:44 24 Apr 2006

OK, back at my PC, and yes, I did update windows last week and I s'pose that could be a potential problem. I restored back to the day before the update, but the widows update still appears in my update history - is there any way of getting rid of it so I can rule this one out and try to download the install nvidia driver again?

  chub_tor 11:38 25 Apr 2006

Remove update
Control Panel
Add/Remove programs
Tick box shown updates at top
Scroll down to update to remove and click on remove.

  rickd 12:10 25 Apr 2006

Managed to remove the patch and can now download and install forceware 84.21. Hurrah! So the MS patch seems to have been to blame there.

However, It says its installed as the driver under hardware devices, and I'm able to change the display settings to top resolutions from the defaults. Just need to reboot to fully install and make changes to the hardware....

When I do so it boots through to the windows screen with flag, then to a blue windows screen with
Please wait.....
I get to 5 dots then it stalls (5 secs). Hard drive stops churning.
I wait 5 mins and no action.
I wait....
So near and yet so far!
Any more ideas?

  chub_tor 12:21 25 Apr 2006

A desperate last throw from me.
Can you boot into Safe Mode so that you are on the old VGA type screen with no NVidia drivers loaded. Go to ADD/remove programs and remove the nVidia 84.21 driver.
If you then go to System Properties/Hardware/Device Manager and remove the Display Adapter and reboot. Let XP find the new hardware and when it asks if you have a driver disk you can reinstall 84.21 and see if it works. If not I'm stymied and perhaps others can help.

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