Cant install XP after system upgrade

  User-59853B4F-D18A-4BE7-9C18DF92D68ACB6F 11:58 28 Dec 2004

Have upgraded my system with a Gigabyte GA-8S655FX-L motherboard, Intel 2.8 Celeron D processor, 512Mb of memory. Board has the latest BIOS. I am trying to install XP Pro from disk. The first stage of copying files to the hard drive is carried out. But when the system restarts prior to the second installation stage I get the error message 'Error Loading the operating system'.
I have checked the disk and it appears to be 100% any suggestions/similar experiences?

  Osgerby 12:39 28 Dec 2004

Is there any way you could borrow another Xp Cd to check if this is a faulty cd or a problem with your hardware.

CD is not faulty. I have the original CD, a SP1 version and a SP2 version. All produce the same result. I have verified the hard drive and the format seems OK.
Sorry for slow response as I am using a very tired PC to get online.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:00 28 Dec 2004

Are you using SCSI or raid hard drives?

  bremner 13:03 28 Dec 2004

I think Fruitbat has probably hit the nail on the head.

If you are using a SATA drive then you need to install RAID drivers.

On starting XP install you get asked to press F6 to load Raid drivers.

You will need to do this and have the drivers on a floppy disk.

  gudgulf 13:10 28 Dec 2004

Check all the connections to the motherboard are sound and try a different cable to connect the harddrive to the mobo if you have a spare.

Hi folks
I am using a 133 ata Maxtor drive. I did not load any raid drives. But I will change the IDE cable and then get back to you. No SATA drives are connected. Thanks notap

  pc moron 14:55 28 Dec 2004

Not a lot of help but click here seems to indicate a problem with the BIOS/hard drive setup.

I fitted another IDE cable. Reformatted the drive. Started the XP installation. I am back where I started with the message 'Error loading operating system'.
Should I disable SATA and Raid in the Bios?
Any more suggestions?

Thanks for the link pc moron but I had already seen it. The board does have an Award Bios but it is version 6.xx and the information appears to be for a much older Bios.

The Solution
A few nights ago I trawled the net looking for a solution to this problem. At this address click here I found the solution. The default value in the Bios for the hard drive is set to AUTO and it should be set to LBA for my set up. I did this and the install went smoothly.
I am posting this solution here in the hope that others will be saved unnecessary suffering.
Thanks to all who responded to my cry for help.

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