Cant install sunjava with firefox

  Tick Tock 16:01 28 Nov 2004

Just downloaded latest version for the first time
it has installed into IE ok but when i go to
control panel to to the java icon choose browsers
and tick mozilla amessage comes up saying unable
to change browser settings check its properly
installed or you have sufficent permission to change
system settings.I am using win98se.

  rawprawn 16:44 28 Nov 2004

I think you will find that the browser it refers to "Mozilla" is different to Firefox and so is not present on your computer.

  Daibus 17:25 28 Nov 2004


I had the same window displayed but I presume all is well as Java seems to be functioning OK in my Firefox Browser.


  Wuggy 17:32 28 Nov 2004

Start your Firefox browser then go to Tools > Options > Web Features and place tick in box to "Allow web sites to install software" then go back to Control Panel > Java Plug ins and activate Java for Mozilla browser. This should let it install. Once finished remember to take tick back out of the box to allow websites to install software.

  Stuartli 17:40 28 Nov 2004

Also in Web Features are the options to Enable Java and Javascript.

When I originally installed Firefox I had what I thought were the latest Java installations but, on visiting one particular website, Firefox brought up a panel to enable Java to be downloaded if approved.

  Daibus 17:43 28 Nov 2004


Just done exactly as you said but that Window is still displayed not allowing me to Apply Mozilla (Firefox) Browser.

  Wuggy 18:10 28 Nov 2004

It may have installed in Firefox. Have you used the test on Sun Java website to check? click here
If the dancing logo is animated then Java is properly installed. Ignore the message that your version is not up to date.

  Daibus 18:30 28 Nov 2004


Yes, checked again the test on Sun Java website and the logo is animated so all seems to be working .

Thank's for your help.

  rawprawn 19:28 28 Nov 2004

Yes all is well, but what I am saying is that "Mozilla" and Firefox are two different browsers. I think that if you tick Mozilla, it shows that it cannot be found. However if you enable java in Firefox, then there is no problem. I am not sure how to make this clearer, but I have a cleaning program "Super Cleaner" and it lists Firefox. IE Mozilla,Netscape7, Netscape 6, AOL, Opera and Netscape 4. All these are different programs.

  Tick Tock 20:43 28 Nov 2004

I have just tested it and it says java installed
but i have the older versio ok to
use this version.

  Valvegrid 20:51 28 Nov 2004

Yes, I don't think they've updated the test site yet so it can't recognise, you have the correct version installed.

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