Can't Install Software on Laptop Running XP Pro

  webber_man 17:21 30 Sep 2003


I have a new laptop but am having big problems installing any software onto it!!

I have tried using a USB drive, and copying them onto the laptop itself but still get the same message 'an I/O error occured'

The full error mssage is

"An I/O error occurred while installing a file. This is normally caused bad installation media or a corrupt filr."

I then have the option to Abort or Retry.

This error has occured with 3-4 applications including Winamp. Does anyone have any ideas?

I have managed to install MS Office but thats it.

Thanks for your help.

  spikeychris 17:49 30 Sep 2003

Looks like it could be a number of things, bad RAM a damaged CD-ROM a dodgy Bios, do you have Norton installed? if so turn it off and try it again.


  spikeychris 17:51 30 Sep 2003

If you do have Norton Un-check Load Auto Protect at Start-Up.

  webber_man 18:09 30 Sep 2003

Cheers - have closed Norton and checked RAM which is ok but still no joy.

  Lozzy 18:13 30 Sep 2003

You have a corruption.. Carry out an XP Repair.. or before that try this Insert the XP CD into your rom them start run and type SFC /SCANNOW (note the space between the sfc and /.. That may resolve your issue if not carry out the repair function.

  webber_man 18:55 30 Sep 2003

Yeah, i think that's the only way. Infact im going for a complete re-installation. Luckily i'd only installed one piece of software before this problem started so its not like im gonna lose anything.


If i still have problems i'll be back!

  webber_man 19:16 30 Sep 2003

Still no luck.....

Ok - does anyone else have any ideas? I'm trying to install WinAmp, Zonealarm and an FTP programme and the same error happens.

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