Cant install program..why?

  geoff47 23:52 17 Jun 2003

Using win 98se,and everything seems fine except....its always except something isn't it?
When trying to install a program it gets to a point and I get the following message.
"1608:Unable to create InstallDriver instance
Return code -2147221164"
What should I do now?
This has occurred on a PCA freebie program and Star Office,both refused to install although the message may have been different.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

  Ironman556 00:20 18 Jun 2003

Have you closed your Virus scanner and anything else that may monitor the system? If not close them and try again.

Use disk cleanup to clear your temp files. If you still get a problem try moving the contents of C:\Windows\Temp to a new folder. Reboot and try installing. If you get no errors or problems with anything else you can then delete the temp files.

  Djohn 00:25 18 Jun 2003

click here also have a look here, it explains a little more on the cause and cure of your 1608 error code, also near the bottom of the page is more info. on the - number -2147221164, and similar numbers with a further link to knowledge base. j.

  geoff47 01:51 19 Jun 2003

I have tried to install with everything closed as suggested but nothing changes.
I looked in made a new folder and tranfered every thing to it and tried again...nothing again.
Funny thing though....I thought Star Office refused to install....but its on the PC now,have no idea how.
Should I just continue trying?
Could it be a fault on the disk?

  wawadave 04:48 19 Jun 2003

try installing from safe mode

  Ironman556 19:51 19 Jun 2003

Do CDROM's work in safe mode? Mine don't seem to.

When you say it's on the PC, are the files just there, but don't work, or are they there and working? If the install fails the files may just be left on the PC.

  Patr100 20:14 19 Jun 2003

Copy the contents of the CD to a folder on the hard disk and then try running running the install from there in safe mode.

  geoff47 00:11 21 Jun 2003

Star Office is on the PC and working.
I dont know how or why because I got the same sort of message when installing it.
I will go with the current advice and see what happens and come back to tell all.
Thanks so far.

  woodchip 00:18 21 Jun 2003

As I told you before, copy the CD to hard drive, start in safe mode and run the setup from the copy

  geoff47 01:29 21 Jun 2003

Strange happenings here,I was trying to install Firegraphic 4 from PCA disk,tried over and over again and got the same message.
I have been trying to view some images on floppy disk, its a long story but have no image viewing software on PC,strange but true there is another programme on the same CD,Easythumbnails and that installed first time no bother.
So I am calling this problem solved,on the understanding that it is probably a fault on that particular Programme's installation data.
If I am wrong will reopen this thread at a later time.
Thanks for all the input.

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