cant install network drivers

  Eddie 2425 19:06 29 May 2010

bought a laptop with xp installed just as vista was coming out, so was also given the option to upgrade to vista, followed all the instructions and did a custom clean install formatted the xp and everything was ok.
Decided to do a reboot again to clean out all the junk etc. So installed the xp disc all ok. connected to the net ok and downloaded and installed all the windows update all ok and then installed the vista disc. Installed ok apart from the network driver and obviously cant get on the net, device manager shows a fault ie yellow explanation mark, cant install because cant get on the net.Cant find the drivers on the discs, so reinstalled xp, thats ok so its obviously a problem with vista updates, any ideas please

  tullie 19:36 29 May 2010

If you did a clean install ,of Vista,there wouldent be any junk to clean out.Why did you reinstall xp again if you were installing vista?

  mgmcc 20:26 29 May 2010

In any case, Vista should be able to install a standard network adapter from its own driver database, without the need for you to go looking for drivers.

Double click the adapter in Device Manager to open its Properties sheet, select the Driver tab and click the "Update Driver" button to see if Windows will install it.

  Eddie 2425 20:53 29 May 2010

hi tullie the vista disc that they sent me has to be upgraded from an xp installation,so i installed xp first then vista, how else can i do it?
hi mgmcc yes did try that but all it says is windows cant find drivers, use windows update but i cant do that cos i cant get online thats why i tried to look on the disc.
thanks Eddie

  Jollyjohn 21:09 29 May 2010

In Device Manager try Uninstalling the network adapter and then rebooting. Windows should then find the new hardware and install a driver. If it doesnt then you need to get as much info about the network adapter as possible and pop along to your local library and use their computer to download the drivers and copy them to a usb stick or cd.

  Eddie 2425 21:14 29 May 2010

thanks jollyjohn yes also did that i do have acces to the net on another pc but cant find a download the driver i am looking for is for a ralink RT73 usb wireless lan, what i dont understand is wheni put xp on the laptop it works but as soon as i install vista it doesnt find the drivers?

  Eddie 2425 21:19 29 May 2010

if the drivers load from the xp disc surely they must be on the disc?? and they previously loaded from the vista disc so why not now?

  onthelimit 09:12 30 May 2010

I did have this problem a few weeks ago which was solved by installing SP2 for Vista - looks as though some drivers were missing from the original disc.

  onthelimit 09:16 30 May 2010

P.S. - is this click here what you need?

  Eddie 2425 09:54 30 May 2010

hi thanks onthelimit, problem is i cant get on the net to download vista sp2 the link is the wrong card mine is ralink rt73 going to try and download it on another pc

  onthelimit 09:55 30 May 2010

Sorry about the duff link - Google let me down!

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