Cant install CD rom for Epson 1260 scanner on XP

  pcdimwit 19:14 05 Mar 2012

I have a 2nd hand epson 1260 scanner, its installed on my Vista laptop OK but it wont accept the CD rom on my Windows XP properly, it says there was a previous installation and keeps coming up with a window saying that I must click "yes" to uninstalling all previous installations of the programme but this window keeps coming up ad-infinitum and wont let me go forward - what can I do?? tried to uninstall the Epson progs. from the control panel but the CD rom still keeps saying there are previous installations to be removed, thanks PCDIMWIT

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:09 05 Mar 2012

let it uninstall and then run the reg tool in CCleaner and then retry to install

  pcdimwit 20:26 05 Mar 2012

Ok I'll try that. will let you know, thanks PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 21:33 05 Mar 2012

Very odd this, I thought I had uninstalled everything, I uninstalled the Epson arc photo software, the acrobat version 5 component, the Epson something or other, cant remember the name, BUT there is still a programme called Espon smart panel that is still on prog. list, there is no size value though, I did the CC scan, registry scan, and logged off, restarted and on trying to reinstall the Epson CD rom it comes up AGAIN with the message: earlier installed programme must be removed, which I click "yes" for and then it opens several windows to remove the components but remains on the Epson smarkt Panel that is is removing "0 %" and then just doesnt do anything, left it for about 20 mins and still nothing, then I had to open windows task manager to shut this programme down, Its very odd, I still cant remove the Epson smart panel in prog. list by trying to uninstall it, really Pi**sed that I cant get this to work on this particular computer as this is the only one I have room next to to have the great big scanner working (Didnt realise they were so big) PCDIMWIT

  robin_x 22:15 05 Mar 2012

If you still have something showing as installed, try Revo Uninstaller. It will try and get rid of all the hidden fragments, after the Epson Uninstall fails.

  Number six 22:30 05 Mar 2012

This relates to a different model scanner, but might help with your software problem.

uninstall smart panel

  pcdimwit 14:47 07 Mar 2012

Hi Robin Ofloxly, I have installed the Revo uninstall programme and I hope I have managed to uninstall the Epson smart panel, that was showing as 0.94mb and which the "install shield wizard" of the Epson programme just jammed on 0% of uninstalling, I think there are some files that Revo said are left over and will only be deleted on next restart, will log off and restart and see if its still there HOWEVER, looking at the post from Number Six with the link for the Epson uninstall help file, I did notice that it says on that Epson link never to remove the folder that says NEVER delete the "TWAIN_32" folder - I think I did that yesterday??? I have just looked in C drive on my computer and in program files it shows an Epson folder that contains 3 folders called: Copy utility, Photo print and Scantoweb, should I delete these myself?? Oh, this is TERRIBLE why do they ALLOW computers to be so DIFFICULT for PCDIMWITS like me??

  pcdimwit 15:11 07 Mar 2012

Ah!! the Epson smart panel seems to have disappeared now, after using the Revo uninstaller, Thanks for that!! there is still a folder in C drive in the programs called "Epson" which contains 3 folders called: "copy utility" photoprint and Scantoweb - what should I do here?? remove this Epson folder from the program files myself?? I am nervous of putting the Epson CD rom again until I know whether to remove these folders from the program files, they mustnt be an actual "programme" as they are not in the "add/remove programs" in the control panel?? is that right?? thanks PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 12:59 08 Mar 2012

Should I remove the folder which is in the C drive called Epson with the 3 sub folders for "copy utility" photoprint and Scantoweb ? the revo unistaller seems to have removed all the parts of the Epson smart panel which was in the "add/remove" progs. in the control panel? thanks PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 11:30 11 Mar 2012

wht should I do about these three files that are still in the C drive Programs folder? are these in any way connected to the Epson programme that was so difficult to remove? there are 3 sub folders here called: "copy utility" photoprint and Scantoweb - I have not tried the Epson CD rom yet as I am not actually with that XP laptop at present and am still nervous of trying the CD rom until someone tells me what I should do with the 3 files in "Epson folder that is in the programs folder on C drive? Thanks PCDIMWIT

  robin_x 12:17 11 Mar 2012

Move or rename the folder as folder.bak or something.

If no complaints from any other bits of your software in next couple of days, I am sure it will be safe to delete.

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