Can't install anything on XP Professional

  xuroys 13:38 24 Mar 2006

My daughter bought he laptop from her company which was closing down. All went OK until I read an article in a PC magazine about controlling access to user accounts and it showed how another user account could be created so we went ahead and created one for me. The program suggested that we should create 2 user accounts rather than one so that's what we did. Now, we can't run programs by double-clicking the icons although they will run saved files. We also can't install any new sotware. Any suggestions for rectification ? Unfortunately we don't have the WinXP disk.

  johnnyrocker 13:41 24 Mar 2006

best bet system restore to prior to that which messed things up?


  Genius1 14:07 24 Mar 2006

Yes, system restore using the built in restore function would be best. Don't forget to backup anything you have added since computer purchase, as this may be erased.

  gudgulf 14:40 24 Mar 2006

If you have set up the accounts as "user" rather than "administrator" you will find you have very limited use.......Ie you wont be able to install many,if any software and will find that some programs will not run unless you have administrator priviledges.

Try changing your account to Administrator and see if you can now use the pc as you wish.

  xuroys 14:47 24 Mar 2006

How can I change to Administrator ? Even trying to run programs from the START/RUN box dowen't work.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:01 24 Mar 2006

You need to log in as administrator to change the accounts.

Boot to safe mode and use the administor account that appears on the welcome screen.

  Genius1 15:11 24 Mar 2006

Also to log on as the administrator, choose the option to disable the welcome screen in User Accounts (under 'Change the way users log on or off' or something like that). Then log off, and log on using the 'classic' log in box (renaming the User Name to 'Administrator').

  xuroys 22:39 08 Apr 2006

I logged on as administartor in Safe Mode but it still will not let me install anything and when I click on th icon of an executable file it asks me what program it should use to open the file !!!

  VoG II 22:45 08 Apr 2006

Unless there is abnything critical on there I would suggest a reformat and re-install Windows.

  xuroys 00:09 09 Apr 2006

Unfortunately the laptop has Office SBE 2003 plus WinXP Pro and I don't have the disks. I wouldn't mind buying WinXP Pro but don't have the original key to allow re-installation and keyfinfer.exe will not work !!!
Any other suggestions ?

  billyliv 08:56 09 Apr 2006

If you purchase Win XP Pro. you will be given a product key. Cheers, Bill

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