Cant Instal hardly Anything ?

  DomJolly 09:27 15 Aug 2004

Pc recently started getting very slow, locking etc. Its been about a year since last re install so i formatted C drive and proceeded to re install. ive done this about5 times over the last 4 years without probs. I have windows 98se and a upgrade to ME. i also have a full version of XP but it my system does not like it much. Now after i install Win 98 and try to upgrade i get error messages on trying to install the ME disk.I tried the XP disk too but this stopped midway too.Before the wipe it would not let me install things like Nero, BT Broadband software and other prpgs without errors.. Ive got i running now on just 98se, but only just.
any ideas??? Its a P3800,2oG,256mb Mem

  Stuartli 09:34 15 Aug 2004

You need, from the sound of it, a complete start from scratch, preferably with XP.

You just can't mix and match - it's not like buying sweets in Woolies.

  DomJolly 09:37 15 Aug 2004

Ive done this re install at least 5 times on this PC with no probs. this is the FIRST time it wont let me complete the install from scratch. I have got a complete FULL version of XP but as i said its not very stable on my system. This pc was built for ME and thats what i have been running for most of the time.. its only a recent prob ??

  pc moron 10:07 15 Aug 2004

What sort of error(s) do you get- blue screen?

  thms 10:45 15 Aug 2004

As you have full xp see here click here

  DomJolly 18:12 15 Aug 2004

I am getting install errors ie. when i go to set up from either my ME disk or My full version of XP after getting through the first parts of the set up it does a restart and starts the install proceedure again. This is the same on both versions of my opperating systems. it wont let me complete the new installation...... ive NEVER had this before and im stumped..

  CLONNEN 19:09 15 Aug 2004

Have you tried deleting the InstallShield folder from C:/Program Files/Common Files

I had this problem on my computer after reinstalling Windows ME as well.

  CLONNEN 19:10 15 Aug 2004

Forgot to mention that you have to Restart your computer after deleting the InstallShield folder.

  DomJolly 21:23 15 Aug 2004

cheers CLONNEN this seems to have helped get me back in . thanx alot everyone

  DomJolly 21:24 15 Aug 2004

cheers CLONNEN this seems to have helped get me back in . thanx alot everyone

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