Cant import transferred emails into OE

  hawthorn59 23:38 17 May 2006

I wanted to reformat my laptop, so therefore needed to transfer my emails too. i have done this in the past with no problem. So I went to find where they are stored and got this:

C:\Documents and Settings\Kevin Carroll\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{8AE1C31C-FE58-480B-9EE7-3E57DAB5F302}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Inbox.dbx

My Inbox had several sub folders with a lot of emails in them. I tried to go to the above location just to see that all the folders were there. But I couldnt find it with Windows Exploere, and still cant. Theres no "local settings".

Anyway I dont knwo what i did but somehow moved all the folders to a thumb drive. I think I may have just copied and pasted them. And put them all in a master folder called OE.

So now Im up and runnin with my reformatted laptop. I moved OE to my desktop, and tried to import. When I import I get a big list of all the folders/emails, all seem to be listed together. Now there all empty!!! But they ARE in OE with dbx extensions, and are not empty, they are a few kb each. I cant seem to import them. Also BEFORE I imported them, I had received some email today, and stored them in a folder. But when I imported, or tried to, the OE stuff, all the new ones disappeared. Im at my wits end... what hve i done wrong, and can it be undone?

Many thanks


  hawthorn59 02:34 18 May 2006

The strange and really weird thing is when I opened the "OE" folder on the desktop now, every file or folder (they all look the same) has FIVE (5) copies of itself.....what is going on...? This happened earlier too, and I deleted them.

Now I have just tried something....the originals of each file or folder have various sizes from 120kb to 700+ kb, but ALL the copies are 12kb!!!!

They all have dbx extensions.

This also happened in Outlook Express itself too, I think after I attempted an import....

BTW, the OE on my desktop is just a folder I called OE....confusing the issue of course.

It would be nearly impossible to list them all, between folders and sub-folders there are nearly 40. But as I said before they all look the same now. Oh, one called Inbox.dbx is 16.5 MB !!??

And after looking again about 9 or 10 of the originals are also 12kb...

this is really odd.


  hawthorn59 19:05 18 May 2006

Hi. thanks for your help. The store folder in OE (the actualy programme) is

C:\Documents and Settings\Kevin Carroll\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{8AE1C31C-FE58-480B-9EE7-3E57DAB5F302}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

It was also there before I reformatted. But when i go to Windows Explorer I cant locate that! I can find as far as

C:\Documents and Settings\Kevin Carroll.....then 6 folders none of which is Local Settings. Thats probably where the problem originated I dont know.

Yes it appears to go through the process; then when I examine Outlook Express, some of the emails that were in it have disappeared, and all the files I imported are there, but empty. Oh and last time, as I said, after importing, the OE folder on my desktop had multiple copies of every file....



  hawthorn59 02:14 19 May 2006


Yes youre right about hte hidden folders. At least now I can see the files.There are appx 196 files and the vast majority of them are exactly 76kb in size.
Except these

Deleted Items 3.88mb
Encore.dbx 202kb (this has current received mail)
Folders 201kb
Inbox 5.19mb
KC1 dbx 138kb
offline 9.42kb
Outbox 202kb
Sent items 266kb
POP3uidl.dbx 9.18kb

actually they all have .dbx extensions
But the annoying thing is the files on the created folder OE on my desktop seem to have the emails but i cant get at them!!AAAGHHH!


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