Can't go online despite full Wi-Fi bar?

  livi.harrington.1995 19:14 02 Apr 2018

Hello, I can't connect to the internet despite having a full Wi-Fi bar showing.

I manually installed the appropriate driver (AR9285 Atheros for Win 7) then restarted, but this didn't work.

Any help appreciated - Olivia

  The Kestrel 19:48 02 Apr 2018

Have you entered the wireless password or key from your router onto the PC, laptop, tablet or whatever you are using?

  netgearrouter 20:28 02 Apr 2018

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  livi.harrington.1995 21:23 02 Apr 2018

Yep, I've typed the password and no, I'm not using a Netgear router.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:09 02 Apr 2018

Unplug the router wait 10 second plug it back in and wait for all he lEds to settle then retry to connect.

  BT 08:28 03 Apr 2018

Just because you have a 'Full WiFi' indication doesn't mean your router is accessing the internet. The WiFi is just the connection between your device and the Router and can be showing as OK even if your Broadband connection is down.

  KEITH 1955 10:45 03 Apr 2018

Is it just 1 device or all items that cant get online eg pc no tablet yes. Do you have any spare filters that you plug the phone line and internet cable into , these can do weird things if part of them go faulty , check them all.

You say you typed password in , its not the password you type in for a wi fi link to work , as kestrel says , its the keycode , if you lost the card its printed on the base , at least that's what I do to connect on my bt hub when I get a new device.

  livi.harrington.1995 11:32 03 Apr 2018

Can you please explain how to input this password?

Connection has failed for this laptop on 2 different routers in 2 different places.

Desktops, tablets and smartphones are all using Wi-Fi without any problems.

  KEITH 1955 11:54 03 Apr 2018

if your setup works same as mine , on the laptop you CANT use online click on the icon on the taskbar , it looks like a monitor and should be to the left of your speaker icon.

in the list of possible connections click on the one you know is your hub and at that point type in the keycode that is on your hub , also tick remember me.

  livi.harrington.1995 09:47 05 Apr 2018

I've typed in the code that is printed on my router. Still can't connect?

  livi.harrington.1995 18:03 11 Apr 2018

I had it taken to the shop. Thanks anyway.

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