cant get windows xp to boot up

  scottish stevie 20:39 08 Jan 2004

when my c drive was being formatted, cancel was pressed. the next screen said that reformatting was completed. Now when i try to start my machine it asks for a system disk. When this is inserted it it only allows me the option of reformatting again, when i try this i get error code 958 could not open script command file. It is a new system disk customer support at tiny sent me out to sort the problem. Any help would be fantastic.

  Lozzy 20:56 08 Jan 2004

Boot into your BIOS and set the dc rom as your first boot device floppy second then HDD. Insert the XP cd then press any key to boot from cd when prompted then follow the on screen instructions..

  rickf 21:11 08 Jan 2004

Yep, that's the answer.

  scottish stevie 22:23 08 Jan 2004

thanks for the quick response folks. Unfortunately that is the sequence that i have set up already. Any other ideas?

  gold 47 22:49 08 Jan 2004

If you have a W98 or WME floppy put it in the drive and reboot and choose without cd rom support on the A:\ prompt type fdisk delete the none dos partition set your bios to first boot cd put start up disk in drive and reboot and follow the prompts other than updates don't cancel anythink.

  Lozzy 08:18 09 Jan 2004

You say thats the sequence set in your BIOS. Please explain in as much detail as poss what happens when you boot from the XP CD. What error messages do you get?? what colour is the screen?? How many beeps do you get?? How far does the installation go before Stopping?? the more info you give the better response you will get.

Also re try formatting the HDD..

  scottish stevie 10:55 09 Jan 2004

ok, start up, splash screen one beep. next screen is a black screen with pci device listings, and then on the same screen at the bottom it says verifying dmi pool data, boot from atapi cd-rom:failure, disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter.
Put the disk in and pressing enter gets me a screen that says starting windows millenium emergency boot. Next screen is the drive image screen, with the button to restore factory back up. Try this to reformat the c drive and the progress bars do not leave o% and the message "error 958 could not open script command file" comes up
That is as far as i can get.
Thanks for any help

  alcudia 11:10 09 Jan 2004

At a guess I'd say that the disc is looking for a hidden partition containing the script command file, which it cannot find. Possible a result of the interrupted format. Another possibility is a problem with the drive itself.

If either case is correct it is unlikely that the Tiny disc will ever work again. You say this disc is new. How long have you had it because Tiny went away some time ago.

  Big Elf 11:36 09 Jan 2004

Would borrowing an full XP install CD work? You have the licence for it.

  scottish stevie 11:41 09 Jan 2004

i got the new disk on the 3rd of January this year. Its a tiny disc but i think it came from time. i'll try the windows xp full install route

  silliw 13:06 09 Jan 2004

Can you not get a friend to download the xp boot disks off the microsoft site. I had a similar problem and had to resort to creating the 5 or 6 floppy boot disks that XP requires. You may then be able to reformat the drive when you have sucessfully booted.

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