Cant get windows to load

  Dirk Diggler 11:20 28 Sep 2008

I am having a problem with getting windows to load, or at least SEEING it being loaded

On powering up PC, I get the usual XP flash screen with the blue scrolling bar.

The just at the point where you would normally get the user accounts screen, the monitor goes into "power saving" mode and effectively goes to sleep

I have tested this on another monitor with the same result so it is something on the actual machine itself.

After the PC has sent the monitor to sleep all the fans / noises etc are still as though everything was running fine in the background

I do not have a windows disk as such just the manufacturers "restore" discs

Any ideas please as I would really like to keep this particular PC running for a good few more months yet

  mgmcc 12:46 28 Sep 2008

Can you get into "Safe Mode"? It could be a problem with the graphics card drivers which need to be reinstalled.

  Dirk Diggler 12:53 28 Sep 2008

But ..... it looks like it is the gfx card as i have just taken it out and managed to boot up normally



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