can't get text size right.

  applecroc 16:46 09 Mar 2008

Hi, Have got windows vista and last week something seems to have got reset. Now the main windows explorer page is in the middle of the screen. I have 2" margins either size when on fulll screen. The text on mails has gone tiny and have tried clicking on view and adjusting but everything seems out of scale. How can I sort this ?
Any ideas welcome. Thanks

  mrwoowoo 16:50 09 Mar 2008

Could be your resolution has been reset.
On your desktop,right click on personalize>display settings and adjust the resolution on the slider to suit the size of your monitor.

  Technotiger 16:53 09 Mar 2008

Or try System Restore back to before this 'something' happened.

  Stuartli 16:57 09 Mar 2008

You don't adjust resolution in that manner (just to fill the screen) (done using the monitor's OSD controls).

With the Windows Explorer window on show in its maximum available size, drag and drop the corners to fit the screen.

Then try minimising and maximising it to check it is working as you wish, before going to View>Text size and selecting Medium (the most appropirate for most people's use).

If you wish to try out various resolution/colour/refresh rates, right click on the Desktop>Properties>Settings>Adapter tab>List All Modes button.

You will then see a list of the combinations supported by your graphics card and can highlight and select (OK) the one you wish to use - make sure Windows doesn't have to Reboot to Enable any changes.

  rawprawn 17:21 09 Mar 2008

Look in Tools> Internet Options> Advanced> Accessibility. Make sure that only "Reset text size to medium while zooming" is the only one ticked

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