Cant get onto e-mail

  logrin 18:19 11 May 2010

My wife has ane-mail address on
When she goes to and tries to log in , goes to the rt hand top corner on the site
enters her e-mail address, her password and presses "go" she gets the message "this URL is unobtainable
I have rung the tesco helpline and they say the fault is on my Talk Talk broad band.

I rang Talk Talk helpline but couldn't understand a word from their assistant, I am slightly deaf and he was unintelligible.

When I press "go" the site shown on the top of my page is ""
Have you any suggestions? logrin

  northumbria61 20:02 11 May 2010

If you are using Internet Explorer try clearing out your "Browsing History" - from IE Home Page click on SAFETY tab - put a tick in the following - "Preserve Favourite Website Data"
"Temp.Internet Files"
Then click Delete.

  northumbria61 12:45 12 May 2010

Hi logrin - you say you are using Mozilla Firefox - in that case do the following;

Tools Tab - Clear Recent History - Time Range -Everything - "Expand" details (down arrow) Tick "Browsing & Download History" - "Cookies" - "Cache" - "Active Logins" then click on "Clear Now"

This should resolve the problem.

  logrin 17:37 13 May 2010

I tried the instructions for Montilla but I still can't get onto

  spudkin 17:54 13 May 2010

hi, got the same problem,can't access email account through tesco login, cant receive emails via outlook or webmail on either my laptop (vista) or pc (xp) both run different antivirus software. Talktalk is common to both, I can send emails.
Also managed to access tesco.login via work pc so account is still valid and operating.

Any ideas?

  northumbria61 23:21 13 May 2010

NOPE ! - but could you check your email settings for Talk Talk -

Talk Talk
Incoming Mail (pop3) server :
Outgoing Mail (smtp) server :

  northumbria61 23:30 13 May 2010


It seems like your Firewall may be blocking your incoming emails - check your Firewall settings - email program - email scanner.

  northumbria61 23:58 13 May 2010


Is this the only site you are unable to access - also are you able to send/receive emails through your normal email program?

  logrin 13:38 14 May 2010

I can access googlemail and hotmail without any problem, only won't work.

  spudkin 14:26 14 May 2010

i'm not using a tesco package, its just my address i've continued to use since change providers , had it years now. Its not firewall as i have a laptop and pc both different anti v and firewalls.
I switched off talktalk wifi and plugged in my vodafone dongle and....emails came flooding through!!. It must be talktalk.

  spudkin 14:32 14 May 2010

nb. i can send emails through talktalk but cant receive.
Cant access the tesco web page which allows you to view and send emails without using outlook etc.
Another odd thing I was able to access tesco web page using on my phone using talktalk wifi , but not on laptop or pc.

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