Can't Get SP2

  Gaz W 04:48 24 Aug 2004

I Norton Ghosted my system ready to download and install Service Pack 2, but automatic updates has never popped up for SP2, and visiting Windows Update only shows an update for Media Player!

I have Windows XP Pro OEM and it's completely legal! Why can't I download SP2?

SP2 is not yet available for Windows XP Professional.

  johnnyrocker 07:33 24 Aug 2004

dont even bother for at least a couple of months it has many probs.


  Mr. Chips 07:41 24 Aug 2004

I have broadband.
I use XP Home edition.
Will my PC be automatically updated?
How do I check whether SP2 has been installed?
I don't want SP2 yet, but am I too late to stop it?



  Falkyrn 07:51 24 Aug 2004

The single user edition of SP2 is not yet available .. even if you accept or activate automatic updates.

The information on Microsofts site appears to indicate that it will be activated "towards the end of the month"

A version specifically for XP pro will be out sometime after this.

The single user version is approx 80Mb compared to 250 Mb plus that some users ahve downloaded and installed (a multicomputer network version) any way if you wait until next month PCA will be supplying it on the November issue cover disc.

  rawprawn 07:52 24 Aug 2004

If your computer is set to auto update, then it will update to SP 2, I don't know why you should want to stop it I have been running SP2 Beta and now the full version forover 2 months, and it is much more secure with no problems here. I know a lot has been made of some problems but I don't regard these as serious set backs. If you really want to stop it, turn off auto update but you will leave yourself wide open to attack and unable to load any further patches that may come along.

  ventanas 08:26 24 Aug 2004

Now got SP2 on eight machines, all XP Pro. Not one single problem.

There is nothing about the 256mb download that prevents its installation on a single computer, it will just install what is needed. Only took fifteen minutes to download.

27 more pc's to go.

  Stuartli 09:58 24 Aug 2004

You can install SP2 now on XP Pro - as many people have already done, just like ventanas.

The version you mention is a "tailored" one.

  Djohn 10:16 24 Aug 2004

SP2 for XP pro will be available tomorrow the 25th. Aug. but only through auto download. It will be available at a later date for manual download but not sure when.

I was looking on the Microsoft site and they say that the present version is for multi users and do not install to single machines, also they are the only official site to download a licenced version from, do not download from any other site. I don't know the reason why this is but that is what they say.

  ventanas 10:43 24 Aug 2004

As I understand it there is only one SP2 file. The multi-user network "version" has, I believe, been offered in this way so that network administrators can avoid having to connect every machine to Windows Update. Simply download it once, copy to each machine and install, as I am doing.

It goes through the motions of analysing each machine and determines which files to back up and replace. This is what WinUpdate will do. The only difference is that this will be done online, and not locally.

I could of course be completely wrong. It will be ineresting to see what PCA put on their cover disc next month.

  Djohn 11:12 24 Aug 2004

click here is the Microsoft site offering the multi version download. It does say halfway down the page not to download for single user machines as a tailored version will be released.

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