Can't get signal from monitor.

  Daniel213 20:48 08 Nov 2016

Hello. I bought a new PC today, everything went fine when i connected it up to the point where i needed to connect the monitor. I didn't get any signal, everything was connected correctly. Then, while taking a closer look at my old pc (using it right now) I realized the problem. My monitor only got a signal when the VGA was connected to a lower socket, Which the new PC case lack. I know, it may seem a bit idiotic, but, that's how it is. now.

  lotvic 21:11 08 Nov 2016

When there are 2 vga sockets it means that there is the onboard graphics (built into the motherboard and can't be removed) and the other vga socket is from a separate graphics card that is plugged into the motherboard and can be taken out - and replaced with a new updated graphic card that has been purchased.

Were there any messages on the monitor? Did it say 'no signal' or somesuch?

Which pc have you got and what are the connections on back for graphics? is there VGA (blue socket), DVI, HDMI ??

And on the back of the monitor what connection ports are there? has monitor only the vga?

  Daniel213 05:47 09 Nov 2016

Hi, i do remember purchasing a new graphics card. and there is a VGA and DMI (both at higher part of the back) and yes the monitor only has the VGA. It was always that wway, Now, i DO think that maybe i am missing the DMI. But not sure. And i am not too sure about the pc's name, It's a brand new pc from an offering i got after wanting to upgrade my old computer.

  Daniel213 05:47 09 Nov 2016

VGA and DMI sockets*

  BT 08:41 09 Nov 2016

Silly question I know but have you switched the monitor ON? Its easy to overlook the on/off switch.

  lotvic 13:37 09 Nov 2016

These are the different ports, but if your monitor only has vga and you only have a vga cable then that is what you use.

  Daniel213 14:47 09 Nov 2016

I know that already. I just don't know how to make the monitor get a signal when the VGA is connected to the upper socket. again, it only works when it's connected to the lower socket for some reason. And my new pc don't have a lower socket. and BT - Yes, the monitor is on. I get a "no signal detected" message

  Burn-it 15:59 09 Nov 2016

Perhaps the monitor itself needs switching to accept vga rather than digital. It may even be with a new monitor that is ONLY accepts digital input.

  lotvic 16:40 09 Nov 2016

Please be patient with me and confirm, on your old pc:

Is the upper vga socket the one on the Graphics card? if yes then

Are you saying that you only get a signal from the onboard built into the motherboard vga socket and you do not get a signal when plugged into the vga of the separate graphics card?

On your new pc, please confirm:

it has a separate graphic card and does not have an onboard built into the motherboard vga socket

or is it the other way about: it has an onboard built into the motherboard vga socket and does not have a separate graphic card.

I'm not sure what's going on with it, but something's not right (obviously LOL)

  bumpkin 17:57 09 Nov 2016

* the monitor only has the VGA.*

  lotvic 18:23 09 Nov 2016

bumpkin, yes, got it, the monitor only has the vga so Hobson's choice. That's not the problem.

I'm trying to determine on the new pc if there is 2 vga sockets and if so which one is the graphics card and which one is the onboard.

AFAIK a graphics card will override the onboard.

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